1. Beepbeep41

    A Current Affair Tonight (Monday 29th)

    looks like those Brisbane Uber drivers are at it again on tonight’s episode (Monday 29th) Uber driver slamming seems to be a hobby for some...
  2. Beepbeep41

    Another Bad Day Driving Uber

    Yes, another bad day.
  3. Beepbeep41

    High Level Of Customer Service/Low Level Pay

    Why is it so? People demand this high level of customer service from us Uber driver! The pay is half for driver from 4yrs ago! When only Taxi you could spit on shoes, cuss & abuse for twice the earnings. Now we polish shoes for these cheap skates! So wrong, so draining! It’s almost like i a...
  4. Beepbeep41

    Can Order Taxi in Uber App Sydney

    I’ve had a few PAX tell me they have the option to order a Taxi within the Uber App in Sydney. Apparently it’s in the scroll section where you can order UberX, select or XL. Had a Pax tell me that’s why driver rates are better in Sydney because Uber is also taking %25 from Taxi bookings... If...
  5. Instyle

    QLD Ride-Booking Regulations 1st Oct

    Ride-booking industry The Queensland Government is introducing vital reforms for the personalised transport industry that will promote greater choice for customers, while ensuring safety, accessibility, affordability and accountability for everyone. The changes will ensure that Queensland's...
  6. QLDUberDriver

    This weekends Guaranteed Over Crowding Promotion

    As you can see from Uber map, this will be the area over crowded once again with those who don't know better. Those who will try and play the minimum game will be quick to be sorted by Ubers software to make sure you are moved around the map to ensure payout kept to a minimum. If you do manage...
  7. QLDUberDriver

    FREE Bus fares for the rest of the working week

    Brisbane bus drivers refuse fares after enterprise agreement talks fail again BRISBANE bus drivers will refuse to collect fares for the rest of the working week after the council and union again failed to negotiate a new enterprise agreement. The Rail, Tram and Bus Union met with Brisbane City...
  8. QLDUberDriver

    Customer fury at Gold Coast Cabs driver allegedly trying to extort overpriced fare

    Get ready for mothers with kids too young to ride without a child seat now. The Uber push almost seems, organised. Little does this woman know, the Taxi driver most likely will move over to Uber, if he doesn't already drive...
  9. QLDUberDriver

    Public transport Brisbane: Free bus travel, followed by strike

    Public transport Brisbane: Free bus travel, followed by strike BRISBANE bus drivers are refusing to collect fares on Thursday this week before going on strike during Friday peak hour as as a bitter feud with council intensifies. Rail, Tram and Bus Union spokesman Tom Brown said bus union...
  10. MadMax7

    $ in Brisbane

    How much are Brisbane drivers earning? And how much is take home? How many hours to gross $2,000 in a week?
  11. QLDUberDriver

    UBER drivers may be forced to install cameras

    Sourced from Courier Mail: http://www.couriermail.com.au/business/uber-cctv-flagged-by-queensland-parliamentary-committee/news-story/65a2e0394155219fce8b2188dd984c92 Uber CCTV flagged by Queensland parliamentary committee UBER drivers may be forced to install cameras in their private cars to...
  12. Instyle

    28-year-old passenger pronounced deceased at the scene

    http://mypolice.qld.gov.au/blog/2017/03/11/update-fatal-traffic-crash-browns-plains/ Early reports from witnesses say this white lancer had an Uber logo on it. The passenger of the lancer has sadly fallen victim in what appears to involve a fleeing drunk driver and excessive speed. Do you...
  13. K

    Darker then legal tint?

    Hi, is anyone currently driving for Uber with darker then legal tint? I have been told that Queensland transport do random checks on the road is this correct? as unsure if it will cause issues and if im just better off having my tint removed and having 35% put on
  14. QLDUberDriver

    Uber coming to Townsville

    http://www.townsvillebulletin.com.au/news/ridesharing-company-uber-sets-date-for-arrival-in-townsville-as-part-of-regional-push/news-story/b8e6c634f33ab52ff6f76f809a645c09 Ridesharing company Uber sets date for arrival in Townsville as part of regional push AFTER years of speculation...
  15. QLDUberDriver

    New Uber National Campaign

    If anyone ever wanted proof what level of quality riders use Uber these days, the campaigns done by a Gold Coast agency sums it up. "Our brief was to make it relatable for a mass audience", more like mass morons. The fact that they seem happy to be on MTV placed along shows like "Spring break...
  16. QLDUberDriver

    Latest Uber weekend $$$$$

    Apparently this weekend will be one of the busiest weekends this year. But not 2 - 4am on Sat. There dropping the guarantee down because they know there are too many drivers out there to payout now.
  17. QLDUberDriver

    Uber fights to avoid GST

    This articles notes passengers will have to start paying 10% more for their rides if Uber loses the GST fight. http://www.afr.com/news/uber-argues-it-is-not-a-taxi-to-avoid-gst-20160719-gq9dna Boohoo to riders who already got 20% drop so far in Queensland. If they win, it will still be 10%...
  18. Michael - Cleveland


    We are incredibly excited to announce the upcoming launch of uberSELECT in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, the first launch of its kind for Queensland! We’re proud to tell you that due to your excellent rating and the vehicle you drive, you have qualified for uberSELECT!

    Uber Brisbane driver partners: does Uber Australia tell you that uberX driving is illegal?

    As at today (October 1st, 2015), there is no state or territory in Australia where driving for uberX is a legal activity. Illegal activities are not 'authorised', they are in fact prohibited. What exactly does Uber Australia tell uberX drivers? Does it tell drivers that uberX is illegal...

    Uber Brisbane driver partners: are you putting yourself at risk driving for uberX?

    Uber Brisbane driver partners: are you putting yourself at risk driving for uberX? Uber Brisbane continues to recruit new drivers for its uberX service. These drivers deserve fair warning as to how Uber operates, and the realities of uberX driving. I suggest prospective drivers browse each...