1. DoYouEvenLyft?

    Result of no more primetime/surge.

    Hello all. This looks like the result of the Personal Power Zones coming here in Pittsburgh. Since the beginning of April, I've noticed the airport ques getting longer and longer. No one wants to drive in the city anymore because there isn't any primetime/surging. I usually make about $1600...
  2. JFrancis

    What is that "second" queue near Midway Airport

    Probably someone can explain this. There is some sort of queue at Cicero Ave and 55th street. It is a little blue rectangle on the Lyft app map also. Yesterday I was traveling eastward on 55th through that intersection and was put into that queue, until it timed out. But that is a queue...
  3. D

    Port of Miami changed waiting area for rideshare 4/16

    Hit the port this AM, the rideshare area has changed. You must take sharp right just before bend at end of cruise blvd. Look for the taxi's. Same spot. However it doesn't look like LYFT has updated the que zone. Not sure about UBER ( don't drive for them), but LYFT seems to be working without...
  4. D

    Port Miami Terminal B

    So I was at Port of Miami this morning. I got called to pick up somebody at Terminal heat the first terminal as you come out of the staging area. As I'm pulling up to the passenger, one of the poor attendance says that I can't pick him up on that side rather I have to be on the other side. The...
  5. D

    Port of Miami Que

    So this AM around 9am, I had just dropped someone off in front of Bayside. I decided to try Seaport Que. The que was around 46. As I am getting ready to turn right onto bridge I get a ping to pick up someone at Terminal E. Took them to South Beach and went back to port. I was Que was 29 when I...
  6. JFrancis

    Prompted to terminal with many drivers ahead

    Not an issue, just curious if anyone knows or has an idea. You are in the airport lot, Lyft says there are twenty or even thirty something drivers ahead of you but you get the prompt to head to the terminals, "you will receive a request along the way." Which you do. What is the system doing...
  7. HiDuuken

    Refresh, refresh and repeat....

    Just got back to driving for Uber again and I notice now that you have to periodically refresh your screen in order to know what number you are in the que for airports. I click either "Earnings", "Ratings" or "Account" and then I press "Home" in order to update know where I am in line. I'm using...
  8. RUSSREED2.0


    Tedgey We all go into a queue to wait our turn. However we do not receive our cue from Uber, since we are not actors. BUT WE COULD play with 'pool cue' if we wanted to. Moreover, if we lived in this que, we would be speaking Spanish to our Latin drivers. JUST A FEW helpful tips along this...
  9. Showa50

    Still gotta respect the Evil Empire, sometimes...

    Uber played a great hand by deactivating drivers again for cancellations. Just like last time it'll scare drivers into accepting rides and giving cheap rides. Well played. Stay offline, even in the que.
  10. BingBong

    FIFO Que

    I tried DFW and Love Field today and didn't see a que at either. When they integrated the app into the iTunes Store did they remove that feature?
  11. SeeTeeDee

    DIA Auto Text from Uber Re: Staging Area

    UBER: HEAD TO THE DEN STAGING AREA TO QUICKLY RECEIVE AN AIRPORT REQUEST. Wait times are short with only 7 cars waiting; sent at (Fri Jun 17 2016 06:05:00 GMT-0600). I received this text message upon arriving at DIA at six this morning. Does this mean that DIA officially has a queue system...
  12. Michael - Cleveland

    Hopkins Airport Queue: Estimated wait time added to Uber driver app

    Uber has added a new feature to the Hopkins Airport Queue: The app will now display an estimate of how long it will be until you can get a ride request. The new feature went into effect on Monday evening 3/21 and early reports are that is working - but reports wait times that are conservatively...
  13. P

    John Wayne Que

    Hey guys, I got a question for y'all. if I'm sitting by John Wayne airport in the blue zone waiting for a ride and ignore a ping from someone not from the airport, does it reset my spot in the que or do I still get to keep my position in line for an airport ride?