1. B

    Older Prius / Lower Miles vs Newer Prius / Higher Miles

    I'm considering purchasing a used Prius that's lower-down on the depreciation curve for ride share and deliveries as a side gig. I've been "experimenting" with my current car in order to get some numbers figured out, and see if I actually enjoy it. But I don't like the idea of using this car for...
  2. B

    GST on purchase

    If I buy a car for $16,000 on 01/12/2018 and do UBER. Can I put it as GST on purchases at the end of this GST quarter which is 31/12/2018?
  3. BurgerTiime

    Amazon may acquire Lyft

    https://www.businessinsider.com/amazon-could-acquire-lyft-expert-2018-11 The author and Facebook product manager Parth Detroja has made a bold prediction: In the next 18 months, he says, Amazon will buy Lyft, the ride-hailing company that is reportedly planning to go public next year. In the...
  4. BurgerTiime

    Company “Sure” offering passengers extra insurance through app for 24hrs

    https://www.dig-in.com/news/chubb-sure-partner-to-launch-mobile-distributed-accident-coverage-for-rideshare Ride-sharing passengers will be able to buy accident and death coverage in a smartphone app. Insuretech SURE is rolling out a new insurance product, underwritten by Chubb, that...
  5. BurgerTiime

    SoftBank buys large stake in Uber

    https://www.cnbc.com/2017/12/28/softbank-uber-investment-tender-offer-announced.html Uber and SoftBank came to a long-awaited tender agreement on Thursday, according to The Wall Street Journal, uniting one of the world's most ambitious tech investing funds with one of the most valuable...
  6. P

    Rent an under-utilized vehicle

    Hello Seattle, I'm soon to join the ranks of drivers in Seattle but my car is a 2006 model and I'm not in the position right now to update it. I'm looking for opportunities to rent another driver's car while it's otherwise idle. Depending on the availability of your car, we could negotiate a...
  7. BurgerTiime

    Gett in advanced talks to buy Juno for $250M as Uber rivals consolidate