1. Frank Underwood

    How to Punish Uber (and feel good).

    Here is some advice for any disgruntled driver that wants to punish Uber. This works better if you have an unlimited data plan. Since you will need to keep the app on and run a second app (Limosys or Lyft). It also works best if you drive during 3:30am to 9am or 3pm til 9pm (best times to do all...
  2. AllenChicago

    It Seems LYFT Has Many Ways to Punish Us.

    April 24, 2016 After ignoring 6 ping requests from long-distance* requestor "Juliet" on Thursday at Noon, I only received 1 ride during the next 8 hours in driver-mode. After about 3 hours of waiting for the next Ping Thursday.. I began to think that perhaps I was experiencing a Lyft...


    [PUNISHMENT THREAT TO LOCK YOU OUT FROM THE APP FOR SKIPPING TWO (2) REQUESTS IN A ROW] Yep, Uber is at it again.. I'm actually impressed at how HARD they seem to be working.. Seriously, I've gotta admit, they sure know how to show the ability to stay on task and be persistent on letting us...