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  1. geauxfish

    Ok which one of you is Curtis?

  2. SurgeMasterMN

    Whole Coffee Dumped on Back Seat and Floor

    Had a ride to the airport. Get no more than 1 block and a rider dumps his whole coffee in the back on the floor and seat. I mopped up what I could right when it happened then took detailed photos and video and sent to Uber after they exited. I didn't think it was a big deal cause it was still...
  3. B

    So someone threw up in my car..

    So I was on here last week posting how I finally cracked 100 trips and good tips etc.. thinking I had the hang of this Uber thing now making decent cash. Since then I have been off from driving sick until today, when against my will I made myself go out and drive as I needed the extra money...
  4. naplestom75

    If you've had a puker, this might make you feel better...

  5. MikesUber

    I'm a Top 10% Driver and I Do Amazing Work

    Completely messing around with the title, but I did get this email over the weekend. Nothing regarding the legendary VIP status though. Seems like we get multiple levels of recognition (Top Drivers, VIP, Elite) which are all gold stars on the board. I'm going to print this out and put it on the...
  6. SafeT

    Uber wants pukers to say in your car apparenty, to puke more

    Had a puker last night in a small group. Managed to get the biggest part out of the car but some still got in. The rider and his friends handled it very poorly and refused to exit car to puke, the puker wanting to bend over the open door to puke. So seeing the puking starting I said out...