public transportation

  1. FormerTaxiDriver♧

    Still driving a cab: sick people everywhere

    Not sure how long this will go on with the outbreak. Cabbies still get calls to pick up everywhere. Jails, hospitals; just about evrywhere. My local airport suspended curbside permits for taxis, so Uber and Lyft takes all the risks there, now. What the hell are we gonna do? I'm going out there...
  2. Antvirus

    Early 19th Century Japanese Trolley or Girard Avenue Trolley? You Decide

  3. WestSydGuy

    Public transport x Uber “Transport Minister Stephan Knoll says he is open to considering a proposal to supplement public transport routes with on-demand services provided by Uber.” Interesting, could be the start of...
  4. tomatopaste

    Why self-driving cars will kill the T (Yay! people are starting to get it)

    They might seem like science fiction, but they’ll be here before the Green Line Extension, and they’ll be way more efficient for commuters. Indeed, the per-mile cost of AVs should be less than conventional cars. Insurance will be cheaper (or perhaps unneeded) Given the choice between an AV and...
  5. QLDUberDriver

    Bus strike 4:30am-6:30am 18th &19th July

    Im sure most or all drivers have received the sms from Uber about the bus strike Tue and Web mornings. Although there may be some extra jobs than usual, lets keep in mind that apart from the additional ferry and CityCat services, people also have the trains which will be busier than usual. Im...
  6. QLDUberDriver

    Cheaper than Uber Dial-a-ride trial to start in Logan

    New age approach to public transport with dial-a-ride trial to start in Logan A new age concept in public transport, called Dial-A-Ride bus service, similar to this bus service in Adelaide, will be tested in Logan in September. QUEENSLAND is about to trial a “new age” approach to public...
  7. JaxBeachDriver

    Driverless "Pods" in the Netherlands First driverless pods to travel public roads arrive in the Netherlands By Madhumita Murgia 11:06AM BST 21 Sep 2015 The first self-driving electric shuttle for use on...