public policy

  1. Riley3262019

    Thinking Out Loud: Uber & Lyft Are Scamming Everyone

    It is amazing that the brains behind the two ride sharing behemoths found a niche business and basically designed a model that skirts the laws and screw their driver partners (the partnership part is questionable). Here in the USA, even if you make 70, 000 before expenses, you may still get away...
  2. RideshareSpectrum

    For all the Naysayers... Rethinkx and the TAAS economy.

    Dont know if it been mentioned or discussed here before... this is an in depth white paper called Rethinking Transportation by RETHINK.X, a think tank that studies and models disruptive technology. It's about the advent of AOVs and the economic implications thereof. An excerpt: 'We are on the...
  3. Karl Marx

    Uber represents the failure of market capitalism and transit public policy. With all the changes rippling through society the one constant thing that never changes is our need to move in and around cities. For the last decade public and private transit systems have not improved and are now seriously failing us everywhere...