1. thatridesharegirl

    DASHCAM VIDEO - pax offers $500 for 'fun'.

    Uber passenger offered me $500 to have 'fun' with him (illegal) and wouldn't get out of my car. Guess he didn't care about the dashcam and posted video recording notices clearly visible in my car. It is not uncommon for passengers to tip up to $50 on very long rides, which is the only reason I...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Driver picks up wrong woman who happens to be a prostitue! Lol

    DashCam: Well that's one way to make your day interesting! Daniel Moore, 28, was working on Thursday night when he picked up who he thought was "Chelsea" from Darlinghurst. In a...
  3. SlaveWager

    Uber to employ former PROSTITUTES and other ex-criminals as drivers

    'This means that ex-sex workers can take to the road, as well as people who have convictions for harassment, resisting arrest, petty theft or minor property damage. The rules have already come into force in California but will be rolled out in Connecticut at the beginning of next year.'...
  4. J

    UBER - Bizarre Experience

    So, I'm fairly new to driving for Uber but it's been a positive experience for me so far. Well, until this morning. I went out to grab some coffee early this AM and went online to see if I could pick up a couple of riders before heading back home. I was parked just across the Market Street...