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  1. J

    Uber driving promotions?

    Hey there, I'm a reporter with The Washington Post and I'm writing a story about the promotions and subsidies Uber offers drivers in some cities. For example, does Uber pay you extra money if you take a certain amount of trips each week? Are you guaranteed a certain fare with every trip you...
  2. tipster98122

    Signing up new Lyft riders = easy bonus and 5 stars, too.

    Why didn't I do this sooner? Last week I got two $20 Lyft referral bonuses. Also got an extra $20 tip for giving someone the $50 promo code I created. This is too easy. Uber rider gets in. Make some idle chit chat. Me: Hey, do you use Lyft, too? Pax: No. Me: Well, they've got a promo going...
  3. eman1122

    Lyft Has Lost Its Mind!!!

    Lately, I've been a big supporter of Lyft because of their "friendlier" approach to drivers as opposed to Uber. Heck, I've even debated on whether or not I was going to drop Uber all together and just drive Lyft. Then this happened: http://thehub.lyft.com/ I got a text with this Lyft link...