promo codes

  1. I

    Lyft Promo code that was on 99.9 the wolf

    Sorry for posting this twice I already posted this on the Lyft forum but no one posted so I am posting here I heard on the radio a promo code that the Maine DOT and Lyft is doing I forgot the promo codes name but I remember hearing it on 99.9 the wolf at around 7 am on Monday or Tuesday I think...
  2. LtDan

    DC Uber Lyft signup Bonus and Promo

    I'm a NJ Lyft/Uber driver and my wife and I are moving to the Washington DC metro area. We are trying to fill in some extra/side income to help cover moving and costs and we are trying to see if it is even worth it with current promotions. What are the current Uber/Lyft Promos for signing up...
  3. WING

    How can I make use of promo codes?

    As listed, what should I do if I do not have friends who can take it? Just let it go? Please share your thoughts! The code is for Uber delivery.
  4. bosborn415

    Uber Driver Invite Codes

    Hi everyone! I am new to the driver invite promo and could use some advise on where I can post it that's not going to cost an arm and a leg. I did some advertising on facebook but that can get rather pricey since I only got one acceptance out of over 2,000 views! Can anyone give some suggestions?