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promo code

  1. monkeemash

    Uber ceasing referral links unless promo code shared through personal app...

    So much for the opportunity for making money through affiliate marketing links...
  2. Grozniy Ivan

    To what extent can we share our passenger/driver referral codes?

    I've found several opportunities on rides to share a promo code (wife ordered the ride, husband has app but never used). It's an easy $10 here and there. My question is, does Lyft care what methods we use to advertise our promo codes? For example I've seen them on websites and YouTube videos...
  3. BurgerTiime

    Uber in hot water for 'insensitive' promotion -- Again

    https://www.aol.com/article/finance/2017/02/27/uber-in-hot-water-for-insensitive-promotion-again/21722972/ Oops, they did it again! And this latest hiccup could be the last straw for many Uber users following months of mistakes, bad press and big scandals for the company. Bad news seems to be...
  4. T

    1st ride promo code

    I've had a handful of 1st time pax the last few days that didn't have the promo code for a free ride. I tried giving one of them mine but they said they couldn't put it in. Is there a way of doing that once the ride starts?
  5. mghtyred

    FUBER!!! Pool Promo code for WEHO Pride + Contest?

    Celebrate your pride This year, take your pride to the skies. During Pride Week in participating cities, you’ll have the chance to win 2 round-trip tickets to anywhere Alaska Airlines flies, including Mexico, Hawaii, and Costa Rica. Just enter in the correct promo code from the list below and...