1. Lissetti

    Black Market Ants

    Lots of stories lately about Uber getting kicked out of this city or that. Plus with the ever decreasing rates for drivers, while Uber/Lyft takes the lion's share of the fares, in my opinion will only lead to the likelyhood that drivers will begin taking their business profits into their own...
  2. heresthedeal

    Cars can make extra money, outside Uber?

    Hey everyone, I am not an Uber driver as of this moment, but the lack of monetary compensation that Uber gives to its drivers still pisses me off. I take the service almost daily and I believe that the drivers deserve better than what they are getting. So, I was thinking of something that...
  3. Nina2

    I sold my Audi and bought a Prius

    Could not keep up with the cuts in the Uber Black rate so i went to Uber X but I do not care as I now profit more from Uber X then Uber Black
  4. MHR

    Uber Adds More Services in Quest for Profit By MICHAEL LIEDTKE The Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Uber is cramming more services into its ride-hailing app as it explores ways to generate more revenue and finally turn a profit. The...
  5. Nina2

    Uber Freight is making trucking more efficient and could help Uber turn a profit Uber’s path to profitability may not come from personal transportation at all. Instead, trucks might be the answer. The trucking industry drew in revenues of $796 billion in 2018, with trucks moving...
  6. Suism

    Month of July Spreadsheet

    Hey Guys, Since I thought I'd take tracking my income more seriously, I figured some of you may also be interested. Therefore I created a simple spreadsheet where you can put in your daily earnings, tolls, tips and gas to see both your gross profit and net profit. I didn't include...
  7. PioneerXi

    Why is Support So Bad?

    Harvard says it's because it's profitable. This may explain the business model of Rideshare Support. Why Is Customer Service So Bad? Because It’s Profitable...
  8. Ourrideshare

    How can clients save and drivers profit?

    It is in the best interest for drivers to earn more money and for passengers to pay less. A profit sharing program, where drivers can recruit other drivers is the key since they earn a commission from their downline. If drivers have recruits that offer a second stream of income, then passengers...
  9. M


    let say you get $1,300 in one week. After tax and other expenses (gas and maintenance), on average how much profit you get?
  10. Pax Collector

    No more pool

    Uber's IPO would mean that there will be a much increased pressure from investors to turn a profit. That could potentially force Uber to stop subsidizing rides, giving promotions, raise pax rates and eventually get rid of pool. What do you think?
  11. BurgerTiime

    Uber and Lyft drivers are ditching the service to deliver weed Uber and Lyft were once the go-to way for people to earn extra cash. But apparently there's a new way to use your car to make more money: delivering weed. The San Francisco Chronicle detailedhow many Uber and Lyft...
  12. Lissetti

    The End of an Era

    A couple of summers ago in the city, no matter what city you lived in, It was a great time to be a Rideshare driver, or as more affectionately known in the inner circle, an Ant. Tourists over here! Festivals over there! Race quickly, quickly fellow Ants. Scoop up your fares while the surges...
  13. BurgerTiime

    This is how much Uber drivers really make Maybe driving for Uber isn’t so profitable. For the drivers, at least. When accounting for the ride-sharing company’s commissions and fees, vehicle expenses and a modest health insurance package, Uber...
  14. SEAMT

    Lyft says its revenue is growing nearly 3x faster than Uber's

    Lyft says its revenue is growing nearly 3x faster than Uber's Article by TechCrunch, author Darrell Etherington Lyft made a lot of progress in 2017, helped by strong market expansion within the U.S. and riding some very bad news from its primary rival, Uber. That’s helped it grow revenue to...
  15. Showa50

    Stay offline...

    Even if its for 5 minutes after a ride. You must learn to wait.
  16. BurgerTiime

    Uber losses widen to the tune of $743 million last quarter Losses were up 14 percent from the previous quarter. Uber's quarterly adjusted losses widened to $743 million, up 14 percent from the previous quarter, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday. The...
  17. Maven

    Best Places & Times to Drive & Find Surges

    This is general advice that may be useful in most locations. Please start or join existing threads in your home city forum (not here) to share your experiences with your fellow drivers and they in turn may help you. Have you seen any surges? Where and when? Did they last or disappear quickly...
  18. Livan

    Driving for Uber explained.

    Maybe someone has posted this before, but I think it may help others. Just to get an idea of what has been said so many times.
  19. Maven

    Uber Needs Autonomous Vehicles - Desperately

    Uber has NEVER made a profit, not since day one. Uber will NEVER make a profit with the current business model. Riders pay only 75% of the cost. This is from Bloomberg News and some very smart financial people, not me. Yet, very wealthy people keep pouring capital into Uber. Despite all of the...
  20. Maven

    New App Needed: RidesharePro

    We all know that the way to maximize earnings is to maximize pings (requests) per hour and avoid short trips. Uber cannot be relied upon for either. The obvious solution is technology. The first step is for Uber drivers also join Lyft, Grubhub, and any other active service in their region...