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  1. Halfmybrain

    "We had trouble accepting your profile photo"

    I haven't changed my profile photo in 14 months. I'm suspicious of a message like this. Anyone else get this lately? That is the full message. It mentions nothing about verification. EDIT. Disregard, kinda.I got hysterical emails saying there were safety violations in my 14 month old photo...
  2. L

    Rejected Under Profile Photo - Normal?

    Hi everyone. I started the process of getting my Uber account SETUP yesterday. I noticed logging into the uber dashboard that it says "Rejected" under my profile pic. So I took a pic. It still says rejected. Is this normal? Screenshot below. I have no reason to be rejected for background...
  3. JosephCabrera

    Uber Driving App Wont Let Me Go Online (profile pic)

    Day 3! Here is the problem Every Time I go into the (uber driver partners app) and select "ONLINE" to go to work and drive to make money for me and the company I get the (picture attached) please upload a profile picture so that your customers can see you better WHICH I have done since Monday...
  4. M


    You would think it's common sense to have a picture of the vehicle you're driving in the profile so the rider knows what to look for when u get there. They only have a picture of your face.. The last thing someone is looking for until they find the car. I contacted Uber & so far they said that's...