1. dovisrideshare


    Hey guys - first post, So I've been driving Uber for a few years already. I trade cryptocurrency so in the grand scheme of things don't "have" to do it, but it gets me out of the house and talking to people (if I stay in front of my 4 screens trading all day / night I will literally go bat shit...
  2. UberPotomac

    Pro Uber Driver revenge.

  3. Green_horn69

    My new idea for tips and better ratings.

    :)Hay guys as a new driver I figure I'll make my mistakes now while I'm new. My idea is seeded by the tips about putting a sign behind my seat asking the (paxs ?) to tip/rate. My method is like that except on CRACK. First I have custom seat covers coming in the mail (mostly for me). Second, now...
  4. pandabear2016

    Rider Feedback Issue Problem with Professionalism & Attitude

    So I opened up my Uber App and found this RIDER FEEDBACK. Looks like it came from the first week of August. Professionalism and 1 report about my ATTITUDE. Then it talks about how to improve your attitude. Well, I am one to say I have worked in customer service over 5 years in various positions...
  5. 3for3

    Dulles (IAD) app arrival issues

    I have issues with the app locking up at the airport. If i pull up to the arrival location at the pick up point the app will not automatically arrive it so i manually swipe "confirm arrival" on my Android but it locks up and wont go "Green"for me to start the trip so i have to sit still and...
  6. JaxBeachDriver

    Uber Drivers and Social Media

    Ok, we're all familiar with Randy Shear and Harry Campbell. They are one brand of folks who attempt to provide their version/brand of advice to the masses about uber. But there's another brand. The super young, irresponsible brand. There's one guy on Instagram. ubermevip, I believe is his...