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  1. Cargo

    We're Cargo, a company that helps drivers earn more money. Ask Me Anything

    Hey, this is Eric and Kevin from Cargo, a company that helps rideshare drivers earn more money by providing FREE snacks, samples, and premium products to passengers during their ride. We're currently operating in Chicago, New York, and Boston, and we're in the process of expanding to other...
  2. marcusledlin

    Allowed to promote other products as a driver?

    Hi everyone, I've been a driver for about a month now and I have a question. Am I allowed to refer riders to different products? My best friend recently got me to join a multilevel marketing project where I can make £40 from every smoker I sell a new smoking device to. Obviously alot of riders...
  3. TheLastMileDriver

    What should I provide to passengers?

    Hi everyone!! I've seen a lot of mixed responses and advice on what you should have in your car to get increased tips and top ratings. I was thinking of doing a couple of different things but wanted to get all of your advice and opinions before I commit. Top things I've seen/heard about: 1)...
  4. S

    Free Products for Drivers?

    Thanks guys - seems this request hasn't been met with the best response. Realistically, we even thought you'd like the chocolates yourselves... I would never say no to a few freebies - but whatevs. Maybe next time! Thanks all the same Uber friends! If you change your mind, shoot us an inbox...
  5. G

    Where to buy a tip box + charging station in one??

    I'm fuming. My boyfriend drives for Uber, his birthday is on the 9th of December and I want to get him a tip jar/USB charging station all-in-one. Three days ago I was searching online and etsy had some available like this I almost bought it but couldn't quite afford it yet, and now there are...