1. K

    Can't Log Into Uber Driver App...maybe it's a good thing?

    Just tried to open my Uber Driver app and it put me to the start-up screen, asking for email. Typed it in and it doesn't recognize it. Doesn't recognize phone number either. Anyone else have this issue? Any solutions? Been driving for about three weeks now. About ready to give this up. My...
  2. Muchado

    Uber Sat Nav Not Working Right?

    I found that the sat nav on the Uber App wasn't working correctly this morning. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. Suism

    How each app can improve [The bane of driver's lives & solutions]

    Since I was introduced to this forum there's always been multiple constructive criticisms with decent solutions that were thought of by you the members. So rather than having it all spaced out that people will just forget about, I wanted to create a thread where we could at least have a...
  4. THayne000

    Uber Eats problems

    We need to post about problem restaurants that do not cooperate well with Uber drivers. I was completely ignored at Dellz downtown today. It was cartoonish how he bent over backwards to not look in my direction for a full 5 minutes. He finally noticed me when I loudly said I was cancelling the...
  5. BurgerTiime

    Chicago to implement a fee due to Uber/Lyft causing traffic & less mass transit use Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are cutting into public transit use in cities like Chicago, according to a new study. The study by the University of California-Davis Institute of Transportation Studies found...
  6. seua_yai

    Issues with Uber Navagation?

    The "new" Uber Navigation mapping is problematic for me. Even though there is a choice of NAV apps (Uber, Waze, google) when you sign in, after accepting a ride I'm often stuck with the Uber NAV. I prefer to use Waze. In an attempt to fix it, I deleted the Uber driver app & Waze then...
  7. J

    How to carry drinks like milkshakes on a motorbike

    Had my first day of Ubereats today and my first delivery was a single milkshake with a flimsy lid that fell off putting it into the bag. I got a cup holder from the restaurant and I had to try balance that 15 minutes away in the insulated bag on a motorbike over bumpy roads while leaning to turn...
  8. S

    Getting TONS of Pool :( requests after switching to a Samsung phone!

    :mad: So I upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy s6 and it's great, works much better with the Uber app than my old iPhone. However, for whatever reason, I am now getting tons of pool requests and all requests with this new screen come in looking like pool, even though they may not say Pool. What is the...
  9. StephenT

    UberEats Delivery surge and I got lunch!

    Ok, honestly I am waiting for the other shoe to fall. Took a rider to a high school (don't ask dont' tell). Took nearly 10 minutes to exit parking lot, the entire time I was surrounded by surge no less than 2.0x - but no pings. 15 minutes later I am still working my way towards a highway, still...
  10. Maven

    Lyft Up while Uber Down

    Lyft is taking advantage of Uber's many problems. They're going to raise more money from the same type of people that have been bankrolling Uber, but are now getting jittery that Uber is in final meltdown...
  11. Maven

    Navigation Problems

    What Navigation problems have you had and what did you do to "fix" them? Most drivers use either Waze or Google Maps in addition to the navigation provided by the driver-App. They have many similar problems and others unique to one App. I primarily use Waze and consistently have 3 problems...
  12. Rakos

    Bad Boys page for Rideshare Drivers

    OK everyone...not sure if this has been posted so here goes... stumbled into this site this morning... not one to hype others mistakes or outright screw ups but I think the information is worth viewing... oh and when you get done... Realize that we are actually pretty safe and sane in this...
  13. J

    Rider App Install

    I had a Moto G phone with the Rider App installed and working well. I went to a Samsung Galaxy S7 and have tried to install the rider app without success. I have successfully installed the Driver App on the S7. When I try the Rider App install, it asks for my cell phone number, email, and...
  14. UberxGTA

    Self Driving Cars in Doubt More than just a couple of rough weeks ahead for companies involved with testing or producing self driving cars.
  15. sicky

    What would you do in this situation?

    Last night (Saturday) I had a pickup at 1:50 am. They have an address in the the app that is about 7 miles away, but they tell me they want to drop off 2 people and go to another destination that will add about 15 miles. It was a Lyft Plus 250% prime time ride, which is equivalent to an UberXL...
  16. Marie1981

    App won't navigate please help

    I hope someone can help me, my app or should I say my phone does not navigate! I say phone also because I have had trouble since early September with no turn by turn or any navigation thru the app, despite trying different apks and even a blue vest installing different versions on my phone. I...
  17. Edman

    I rejected Uber POOL Ping then my App acted strange...What happened?

    Last night I rejected two Pool Ping and my apps started acting up. It seems like people were requesting for rides but I could not accept any rides. Do you know what that is all about? I had 4 other rides requesting for pick up but I was unable to accept it. My apps were acting weird after...
  18. Rakos

    Back to back ride issues

    This one really has my little monkey brain bewildered and down right confused and frustrated! I am curious if anyone else is having this problem... I found a bad issue with taking new pings that are for the next ride... When you finish the first ride and begin the second ride it is impossible...