1. U

    Problem Registering Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV)

    I took off a year from driving with Uber as my old car (Honda Pilot) just wasn't fuel efficient enough and I didn't receive nearly as many XL rides as I would have hoped. Flash forward a year later and I have an ultra-efficient Honda Clarity PHEV and I'd like to make a little side money again...
  2. unikite

    I.D still declined

    Hello! I've been trying to work as a delivery person for ubereats, but my I.D is still getting declined and I don't know why. It's still in it's validity and the scan is clear. Has anyone ever had this problem? Also I can't seem find any way to contact uber to fix this problem. I'm sorry if...
  3. koala85

    Ewr surge problem

    Hi everyone while you are waiting at the Newark airport and surge is 2.4 are you getting request with no surge?Im a tlc driver.Or somewhere else in Nj inside the surge and getting requesr with no surge I have a video too also Im was checking as a passenger pick up ewr terminal a to Hoboken...
  4. N

    CLE weather and surge

    This morning, Friday, I went online for a couple hours. There was barely any surge showing in Cleveland or the eastern suburbs on Uber when during the morning snowstorm and extreme cold temperatures. I picked up a woman with Lyft in Wickliffe and she said that the wait for a driver was so long...
  5. S

    Why is the Volvo XC60 not Select?!!

    I'm in Los Angeles, and can't understand this. The XC60 is more expensive, larger and more luxurious than Volvo S60, BMW X1, and Audi Q3, which are all on the Select list, and is on par with BMW X3, Audi Q5 ... so how does it not meet the requirements for Select? It has leather seats, is...
  6. Jctbay

    Rookie Rideshare Dude

    I'm just doing Lyft at the moment because when I try to go Online with Uber, it says to select a qualified vehicle. I have an Uber XL vehicle and it says to choose or add a qualifying vehicle for my city. Wth? Any help would be appreciated...Lyft is going well..
  7. M

    Confused passenger here!!

    Hello :) I’m new to this forum to please excuse me if I’m asking a question that’s already been answered but I have this short story from a recent (fairly perculiar) trip that I took, here goes; I had just gotten into my Uber to go to work for the evening and within a minuite or so of the...
  8. johnydynamic

    Heads up: Tipping Option missing in Uber Passenger App

    I just got an Uber ride in Houston. When I went to rate and tip the driver the in-app tip option was missing! I used the “thank-you note” functionality to tell the driver about the problem and suggested he uninstall/reinstall the App or go to the Greenlight hub for help. I’m a 2000+ ride...
  9. Dhr94080

    I had a thought...

    So, I was sitting back watching the news this morning and Uber and Lyft was repored on with Lyft testing their autonomous vehicles in concord and Uber getting their permits to operate their cars in sf. ( NO NEW NEWS RIGHT?) Well, I was remembering back last year when Uber was found negligent for...
  10. B

    Any Uber app issues in Logan lot?

    I swear there are so many fing people in the Logan lot that my app wouldn't receive the Uber pings correctly. I had back to back requests time out or fail. Rebooted new Samsung Galaxy S8 and then couldn't login to Uber app as I tried logging out then back in. The app didn't login successfully...
  11. CStarzzSelect

    Toll Problems

    So Iv'e read the new October section of 180 days of change. Say we will be paid for pick-ups farther than 10mins of drive time, and tolls on the way. I could have sworn that earlier this year I was getting paid for tolls that I had passed during the pick-up portion of the ride. I used to see...
  12. guyonabike

    Any UberEats riders not getting bookings after this weeks update?

    I log in and just wait and wait. Usually, I receive an order after 10min of logging in. Now after 1+2 hours, nothing.
  13. G

    Need advice

    Hi, My first time posting here. I have been driving with Uber for 7 months in NYC. Never drove for work before. I came from office environment. What I have noticed so far is riders need a slave more than a driver. I'm getting sick and tired of riders' attitude. Very few riders are nice and...
  14. D

    Hmmmm...Looks like the app is messed up

    Hey, guys. Does anybody else have the same issue? I've made about 10 trips today and still cannot see any trip history, earnings, etc... It says me they are having problem to reach the Uber server. Thanks for your help.
  15. M

    Veteran uber driver has a serious problem

    Hi Uber drivers , Uber technical support representatives My problem is that I cann't get any requests from the airport , I drive uber xl livery which is uber xl with commercial tags " for hire plates ", basically my car disappears whenever I request my car at the airport. The following...
  16. Uber_duber

    Not seeing "UberX" or "Pool" on you Uber request screen?

    According to Uber, it's an issue they're working through.
  17. M

    Veteran uber drivers needs help
  18. AugustusGloop

    Partner App - Little black car cursor stuck pointing up

    I noticed the other day that the little black car cursor on the map only points up. It was working before, pointing in the location I am facing, and now it isn't. This is on the main map you see when you "Go Online". The cursor will move in the direction I move in, but will always point up...
  19. W

    not able to work on the new years eve !!! WHY!!!!???? UBER!!!

    sO I BEEN WORKING FOR uBER FOR 6 MONTHS AND I WAS SHUT OFF DUE TO I HAD TO GET A 6 MONTH BACKROUND CHECK SO I COULDNT WORK FROM DEC 17 TILL STILL NOW!! Jan 6th is the date today i checked with checkers and my backround check came back my licence is good and nothnig has chanced why dose Uber...