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  1. Halfmybrain

    This is Us / Awkward Ride

    Ever wish you could unhear something? 90 second scene from This is Us, Season 3 Episode 2 (two weeks ago). Video recording from my cell phone was too big (Even when I cut it down to the last 13 seconds). This scene gave me the willies, because it features a very inutuitive character who usually...
  2. B

    Uber shared my mobile number without my consent

    Today I found two phones in my back seat. I took photos and sent them to UBER and asked them not to share my details with the rider, but they have shared it. To whom shall I complain about this? Thanks
  3. R

    Uber/Lyft Information Availability

    Hi All-- I'm doing some research into Lyft and Uber, and I want to make sure I correctly understand what information is available to passengers and drivers, and when. If you are interested in helping out, can you take a look at the chart below and let me know if it is all correct?
  4. SelectSkodaSuperb

    The quickest way to get banned by Uber...

    Comment about a fare and/or trip on a public forum and post a screenshot that includes a rider's private pickup or drop off address details. Please erase a rider's private pickup/address details before posting a screenshot. Now you know...
  5. SoggyF

    Where is the Option to Opt of Sending Statics?

    With previous versions of the for Android there has ALWAYS been the option to either send usage statistic or not send to Amazon. I was just looking around the other day and I do not see that option there no longer. Have they moved it? If anyone can find please let me know. However, Im thinking...
  6. KenJ

    Uber to end post-trip tracking of riders as part of privacy push

    PALO ALTO, Calif. (Reuters) - Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL] is pulling a heavily criticized feature from its app that allowed it to track riders for up to five minutes after a trip, its security chief told Reuters, as the ride-services company tries to fix its poor reputation for customer...
  7. Jk&Mike

    Uber Partner App's interesting new feature

    Get a lot of pings. Really a lot. Only if you go above 100km/hr. Those on the expressway try it now. Make sure no speed cameras or TPs around!!!
  8. T

    Phishing in Greenville SC Area

    I just accepted a ride and seconds later a gentleman claiming to be from Uber security called me via the app. He claimed that the right I had accepted have been red flagged in the system for a stolen credit card and told me I should cancel it at no charge to the rider. In addition he told me for...
  9. BurgerTiime

    The FTC has been called upon to investigate Uber's privacy fingerprinting violations

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/innovations/wp/2017/04/27/ubers-fingerprinting-of-iphones-after-users-delete-app-has-sparked-an-ftc-complaint/?utm_term=.56a72b85612e Things just keep getting worse and worse for Uber practically on a daily basis. Pretty much a playbook on what not to do as...
  10. D

    privacy survey from Uber

    I got a "privacy survey" request from Uber-Seattle today asking me the following: "Should your permission be required before the Teamsters have access to your personal information—including your name and address, as well as your email address, phone number, for hire license/permit number, and...
  11. Maven

    Bye, bye Privacy

    Concerned about vanishing Privacy? It's disappearing faster than ever before. Senate Republicans voted today to kill federal privacy rules The vote paves the way for a big win for the country’s telecom giants. Recode's Tony Romm Mar 23, 2017, 2:59pm EDT Republicans in Congress took the first...
  12. dirtylee

    Rider app saves License plates

    Why can riders be able to look up the license plates of every driver they have ridden/requested??? This is beyond ridiculous given the fact some pax are creeps & criminals.
  13. BigMomma80

    Check the permissions for both driver AND passenger app for Uber!

    While doing a security check of my phone this morning, which I do after I update all my apps once a week, I noticed that the Uber Passenger App has added a TON of permissions that it never had before. BEFORE UPDATE: Location AFTER UPDATE: Camera Contacts Location Microphone Phone SMS Storage...
  14. JD1

    Last Night's Drunk Guy Just showed up at my front door!!!

    I can't believe what just happened. Bastard drunk paxfrom the last ride of the night just used "find my phone" app and shows up on my doorstep unannounced to collect his phone from in between seats. This is not cool. I have young kids here and don't want random drunk people just showing up...
  15. dubz

    UBER to severely infringe upon our remaining privacy

    Uber’s Testing A New Feature That Tracks Erratic Driving... The hell if this doesn't make us employees. https://www.buzzfeed.com/priya/ubers-testing-a-new-feature-that-tracks-erratic-driving?utm_term=.ve0lXNBV1#.lgn2K4BE6
  16. N

    Uber says its GPS monitors your braking and acceleration

    I recently contacted Uber about a GPS issue concerning Uber's GPS. As expected, the customer service rep sent along a boilerplate response that was almost completely unrelated to my question. But in the message was also this bit: For example, by using GPS data sent to Uber while you’re on a...
  17. D Town

    Uber expands driver tracking program to 11 U.S.

    Marketplace Tech for Friday, July 1, 2016 http://www.marketplace.org/shows/marketplace-tech/marketplace-tech-friday-july-1-2016 Five months ago, Uber announced a pilot program where it would use the gyroscopes in each of its drivers’ smartphones to detect various metrics about the driving...
  18. Silent_Philosodriver

    Yay or Nay? Recording Camera (Outside & Inside Car) - Any Opinions?

    I've been considering adding a recording camera to my vehicle. Thinking whether to get a dual recording camera that records both the outside and the inside, however, I also have these thoughts... - It creeps me out a little bit to be recorded at all times. Not a great feeling. - I don't want to...
  19. Ziggy

    Uber - Transparency Report

    Source > https://transparencyreport.uber.com/ ---- In this report, Uber is providing a comprehensive overview of information that was provided to U.S. state and local regulators and law enforcement agencies between July and December 2015. See report > https://transparencyreport.uber.com/ ==...
  20. Ziggy

    Uber Wants You To Know It's Tired Of Sharing Data With Regulators

    Source = http://www.npr.org/sections/alltechconsidered/2016/04/12/473985914/uber-wants-you-to-know-its-tired-of-sharing-data-with-regulators In its first-ever transparency report, Uber has revealed that it has given federal and local U.S. agencies information on more than 12 million riders and...