1. Nina2

    Stolen Car 2019 Toyota Prius XLE $1000 reward if anyone finds it

    My 2019 Toyota Prius XLE was stolen it is black color with tinted rear windows front windows not tinted and on back has a Biden 2020 bumper sticker and a peace sign bumper sticker also has dents on the rear passenger side door due to a fender bender and Uber and Lyft tradedress on both back and...
  2. Nina2

    I sold my Audi and bought a Prius

    Could not keep up with the cuts in the Uber Black rate so i went to Uber X but I do not care as I now profit more from Uber X then Uber Black
  3. B

    Older Prius / Lower Miles vs Newer Prius / Higher Miles

    I'm considering purchasing a used Prius that's lower-down on the depreciation curve for ride share and deliveries as a side gig. I've been "experimenting" with my current car in order to get some numbers figured out, and see if I actually enjoy it. But I don't like the idea of using this car for...
  4. DoYouEvenLyft?

    Road Rage 101

    I'm pretty sure as drivers we have all dealt with road rage. Question is, have you ever dealt with it with pax in the car? Quick story: I picked up 3 elderly women from the airport and we started heading into town. 15 minutes in, they all started napping. No biggie. I'm in the right lane, I...
  5. Lissetti

    Was he an Ant?

    2 dead, 2 injured in Lake City shooting; bus driver hailed as hero BY MYNORTHWEST STAFF MARCH 28, 2019 AT 8:05 AM Two people were killed in a shooting, and two others were wounded, including a King County Metro bus driver, in Seattle’s Lake City neighborhood Wednesday afternoon. “This is a...
  6. sUBERbs

    New/used cars for UBER

    Starting this thread for Chicago specific new and used car advice. Feel free to argue points, agree, disagree, etc. Used seems to be the general preference. Lower overhead, no worries about beating a car up that's already been beaten down by our infrastructure. I went for new...
  7. keepnonindoc

    Prius lease required driving for Uber (up to 100,000 miles) ... what is "excessive wear/tear"

    Your thoughts, please. I was one of 100 drivers in a Toyota Financial pilot program who got a 2015 Prius after its first two-year lease to someone else in So/Cal. My lease allowed Toyota to accumulate rideshare data by wiring my Prius with devices that monitored my driving performance and the...
  8. Lissetti

    Bow down ants, and accept your new Queen

  9. Zodiacus

    New Car for Seattle Market Suggestion please.

    Hello guys, I am going to buy a new USED car to do Uber Full time in Seattle, my old car was an inexpensive 2012 Ford Fiesta that I got for like 7000$ earlier this year, but I got into an accident and James River Totalled it, so it's time to get a new car. Everybody I meet tells me to get a...
  10. BurgerTiime

    “I’m not your Uber!”

  11. Doug Orchard

    Please give of your wisdom

    i currently drive X with a honda fit thinking of buying a new car would it be better business decision to by a prius so i cam work airport que or a Cadillac CSR so i cam work XL and Select as well as X? Thank you all in advance for your mush needed advice.
  12. thatridesharegirl

    Prius Love

    Especially in Urban markets, Prii seem to be the go-to econobox to haul pax. The driving experience is an acquired taste I've come to savor. I'd love to see how others have shown their Prius some love. Post your Prius! I'm rocking a Super Dirty 2012 Prius II in Winter Gray Metallic with 123k...
  13. B

    Failed Uber Inspection for Orange Car

    My vehicle is 2012 Prius C with a standard factory color Habanero Orange. The local Uber inspection site failed my car only for being orange in color. They told me the vehicle looks too much like a taxi. I have no signage or emblems, and nobody has attempted to "hail" me for a ride in the 5+...
  14. Fostel

    OK, hybrid and electric vehicles supporters...

    check this out!!
  15. UberPete1911

    Toyota Airbag Recall Make sure you make the pax ride upfront in your Prius. :-) JK. Get it checked it out or call your local dealership for more info. GL.
  16. zenkikat

    Shoutout to this driver on the highway in Los Angeles

    Saw this guy on the 405 N by Culver City, CA.
  17. Do0dles

    Prius or Camry Hybrid?

    Hi, first time poster. Was curious to hear feedback on why/why not get either a Prius 2016 or 2017 Four Touring or a Camry Hybrid 2018. Figure the 2016 Prius would help with depreciation costs and is nicer looking than the 2017, but am thinking the Camry had more knowledge to work with given its...
  18. MadMax7

    What car do you use?

    So what car do you guys use? Also, how many kms per week on average? Anyone use a Prius? I drove cabs for a while and imo it would be the ultimate uber car to use. Fuel economy (obviously) was second to none. (Between 4 and 5 litres per hundred). It was also very roomy. I could fit 4...
  19. A

    An Assessment of the Profitability of Uber with a Prius: A Narrow Win

    Hello Community, I wanted to share my experience driving part time on the weekends with Uber. I drive during surge with a used 2014 Toyota Prius C mostly in La Jolla and Pacific Beach, San Diego. I would estimate I worked about 30.5 hours total from Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night for two...
  20. D

    How does Prius fair >100k miles?

    I've used and loved many several new Prius' at my previous place of employment. They drive nicely and have been the most reliable vehicle I've used thus far (Used from ~0 to 60k miles). Granted, most newer vehicles are pretty reliable. Whats a Prius like thats either aged (2010 gen 3? 2006 gen...