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  1. flexitarian

    Missing Info in App

    Last year I was delivering quite frequently from the Amazon warehouse in San Antonio, and then I stopped receiving blocks. After a month or so, I noticed that the few blocks that were popping up (only during inclement weather & holidays) was for the Prime Now warehouse. When I drill down in to...
  2. T

    Snow night delivery

    This past week I have done 2 Prime Now delivery route in snow. The first one was in the night (10pm - 12am block) and I was sent to this remote hill area. It was a really scaring experience because one of the customers live on this really steep slope. I drove there all up until to the point when...
  3. T

    Amazon should punish certain customers and compensate drivers

    I have almost 100% deliver rate doing Prime Now and Fresh for more than half a year. Then in past 2 weeks, I have already got 3 undeliverable returns due to customers not answering the door. I primarily do late night delivery, normally last route of the day. It's really frustrating to spend all...
  4. T

    Amazon's new year Eve gift

    Hiked hourly rate to 35
  5. T

    Made 50 bucks doing a one hour prime block

    Accepted and completed an 1 hour block before dinner this Saturday. Earned 50 bucks. Unfortunately, all the other blocks did over the weekend were either quite shitty or just average.
  6. T

    So lucky a weekend

    I had a really lucky weekend doing Prime Now, unbelievable tip amount. Holiday is here and people are obviously happy.
  7. T

    How many late deliveries will bring deactivation

    Recently the prime now assignment from my station suddenly has become very aggressive. Long delivery route packed with many stops. And they assign you new route even you are not done with current one. I had two late deliveries already in 3 days, which never happened before. Although I replied...
  8. T

    30 seconds late

    GPS indicated I should arrive my last delivery address about 2 minutes earlier than the deadline. So thought should be OK since I can scan, mark delivered before moving the stuff to the door. Got there, jumped out and scanned. WTF, verify age required. The end story is the last delivery was...
  9. T

    My first 8-hour PrimeNow experience

    I got a reserved offer of 8 hour PrimeNow block on last Friday (2-10pm). I felt so honored since I had ever been doing 1, or 2 hour blocks here and there. So I decided to take it and in order to do it, I also took a half day of my normal full time job. Wow, what a experience. It's totally...
  10. Eggroll

    Amazon Flex in Sea/Tac area

    I currently drive for Amazon Prime in Atlanta. I'm moving to Tacoma in Nov. I'm trying to find out where the Prime warehouse is there. Any help is appreciated.
  11. Solo1

    All Amazon Centers / April 2017

    I found this list of all the Amazon centers, hubs, fulfillment, distribution, etc ... It has the code # for the centers, as well as addresses and sizes ... The list also had what type of merchandise our food etc being shipped out of it ... At the very bottom is a lot of the definitions to what...
  12. ITminion

    Sacramento Block Scheduling

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and new to Flex. I think I have somewhat of an idea of how the Sacramento Prime warehouse is putting out their blocks, looks like it's mostly weekends and you have to pretty much already be in the area on standby ready to jump in. Does anyone know if they put...
  13. A

    Passengers allowed for Prime Now?

    Just signed up on Wednesday and got scheduled 2 Prime Now blocks for this week. Excited and also nervous. Quick question - are you allowed to bring a passenger on your routes? One of my blocks is this Sunday and my husband wants to go with me to check it out / help with parking (stay in car if...
  14. R

    Can you sign up twice, for Logistics and Prime Now?

    I'm in Portland, and have been delivering the last few months. Yesterday I got an email which I will condense as follows:"Thanks for your interest in Amazon Flex. We are currently onboarding drivers for Logistics deliveries. If you would like to deliver for Flex, please take this short survey...
  15. UberHedgehog

    Question about San Diego Pickup Locations

    So I'm on the platform now, but it's asking me about 3 different locations to pick up from. The question I have is what is the difference between and Prime Now? I also, if I were to choose one, it would be either Miramar or the one that says "San Diego". However, I would love to...
  16. K

    Having problems since Wednesday getting any blocks!

    I have just started to get the hang of things and think this can work for me. Bam! Nice try. I am clicking all the way through accept deliveries. No go. I cannot even get one to stick. I can't imagine all of a sudden I got slow in 24 hours. Anyone else? I went to wifi, went to fulfillment...
  17. FUberman

    Amazon vs. Walmart (using Uber/Lyft) **Walmart and Uber/Lyft are one and the same: one has cheap items and the other has cheap passengers.
  18. cw09

    Amazon Flex - 3rd Houston Warehouse?

    Howdy folks, Is anyone aware of a 3rd Houston area Amazon warehouse/fulfillment center going in? Per my perusing of other threads (including the long, 57 page one), there is currently: 1) Houston (Way Out West Blvd) - Prime Now only 2) Humble - Online packages only I just got my Flex...