price drop

  1. M

    What should NC ride share drivers do so uber can listen to us and raise the rates ?

    Once again uBerg and lyft drivers should do something in order to get compensated right either raising the rates or educate the people to tip us , any ideas ? I have some suggestions ,but I would like to hear you guys and ladies first , pss no negative suggestions like find another job , uber...
  2. Nicholas Bailey

    So. Uber has lowered our fares again.

    Has everyone gotten this email? Marketing or is Uber sticking it to the drivers?
  3. Uberdooper

    The secret behind uber price drop

    I just took a ride ... The rider was an uber official ... I don't know how ... I guess I'm a guy that people Love sharing stuff with .. He opened up and basically told me this -- " uber created a monster that went out of proportion ... When uber started reaching out for drivers in the...