price comparison

  1. A

    What do you do in this situation?

    19 miles or 9? 25 min or 29. It’s double the price. On this kind I usually ask. Otherwise if it’s close I take what’s fastest.
  2. Maven

    Water Bottles

    What is the cheapest source of water bottles? I give out water bottles to PAX, but nothing else. That way PAX feel they are getting something for free without driving myself crazy by constantly re-stocking candy, gum. etc. Even though most PAX politely refuse, I feel they appreciate my offering...
  3. Jeremy Chew

    Which is cheaper Uber or Grab?

    A price comparison site published a study comparing the prices of the average Uber, Grab and conventional taxis and highlighting which were the cheaper option. Though it is obvious the ride hailing services are more cost efficient than taxis, the research shows that Grab provides a cheaper...