1. kc ub'ing!

    New drivers get preference!

    I've seen it questioned and pshawed in many threads so I'm posting this to proclaim it as fact! Noobs get preferential treatment and I'm sick of it! As an airport queue sucker and social butterfly, I can tell you Uber definitely favors new drivers. I constantly see cars and peeps I don't...
  2. Mista T

    A little chuckle

    Pax: you drive both uber and Lyft? Me: yes. Which one do you like better? Pax: I don't like Lyft, I only use uber now. Me: oh? Any reason why? Pax: one time I was late getting to the car, and Lyft charged me. It was like $5. So I won't use them again. HAAAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHA boy is she in...
  3. EJ974

    Uber shillers

    they get an unscratchable itch everytime someone shares a genuine concern of income decline or market saturation... they, of course, make good money due to preferential treatment while we can't even complain?! Henceforth, they will be referred to as "Uber shillers"
  4. Maven

    Uber Killed My Waze

    I can no longer use Waze to navigate to a pickup or dropoff. Uber activated their new navigation software on my phone. Waze stopped being used to navigate - ever. :( I tried to change the default navigation software in-App (account>setting>navigation). I set it to Waze, but that changed nothing...