power bonus

  1. kwarden13

    Help! Can Someone Explain the Power Bonus & Guarantee Bonus?

    So I have the following bonuses and trying to figure out if I can hit both in 1 week and if it is worth it? Power Bonus - Drive 35 rides peak, 50 rides total, 90% acceptance, get additional $65 Guarantee Bonus - Drive 35 rides total, 90% acceptance, get $350
  2. B

    No Power Driver Bonus hours/Rental Rewards for Lyft all week??

    So, there are no Lyft Power Driver Bonuses/Rental Rewards this week. Every single week when I log into the app, there are certain hours etc... So for the folks who have rentals this week, they’ll be paying the full cost of the rental out of their pockets. I called Lyft Support (useless people)...
  3. Project498

    Too many driverrrs!

    ugh I drove back n forth through Boise eagle and meridian tonight at least 10 times. I was in all the right surge spots. And guess what!? Not a damn request! ZERO! 4 hours online and I ended up getting one food delivery and the punk didn’t even tip! How was ur guys’ night? There were so many...
  4. T

    Innacurate acceptance rating this week!!

    So today is my 2nd day driving this week and my acceptance rating keeps dropping for no reason. I've only canceled 3 trips out of 36 and those 3 cancellations were lyft line no shows that I got paid cancellation fees on. Is this happening to anyone else or is lyft just suck of paying me my power...
  5. Eloyin

    Lyft New Power Driver Bonus Requirements Chicago 2017

    20% BonusAcceptance 90% 35 Peak Rides 35 Total rides 75 10% Bonus Acceptance 90% Peak Rides 25 required %50 This is they respond to the people after profiting from the Uber Trump protest, By squeezing the drivers even more by make them work longer hours and not being able to get an free day...
  6. Dan The Lyft Man

    $$ New Power Driver Bonus (Lyft Boston) $$

    Just wanted to know if you guys got this email or not. Old System Tier 2 - Peak Rides (25) Rides (45) Tier 1- Peak Rides (45) Rides (75) Kind of a wired mix up, made it harder but easier. What do you guys think?
  7. Jalex417

    Last Destination Feature .... Cautionary Note

    CAUTION - Use the last destination with trepidation. I was trying to reach 80 rides yesterday to qualify for the Power Bonus and learned, almost the hard way, that the 2 rides I gave while using the last destination feature ARE NOT COUNTED towards the Power Bonus. Fortunately I ended up giving a...
  8. Jorlev

    Anyone getting the LYFT Power Drive Bonus?

    Was reading about Lyft's Power Drive Bonus program and getting back all of the commissions they take out if you do over 50 hours a week with 10 being peak hours --plus of course the tips. Sounds better than Uber. Anyone doing this? Would appreciate your feedback on this program. Thanks.
  9. Uberdan128

    Question about Uber Guarantee..

    Just wondering how EXACTLY the guarantee works. I've read the email and fine print multiple times, but I just wanna make sure I get this right. Here's what I think I understand about the requirements (please correct me if I have anything wrong): -you have to get the email in order to qualify...