positive experience

  1. Halfmybrain


    Sometimes I want to ask out of town passengers to come up front to see the great view of the most magnificent skyline. For me this is often coming from the north side and the Westin wall is the least interesting of the approaches. (I always watch for the ascending vapor in winter months.) I...
  2. YouEvenLyftBruh

    He searched for his Japanese birth mother. He found her — and the restaurant she had named after him

    (ha ha just kidding) ...seriously though, since the Uber & Lyft corporate folks are starting to post complaining about how negative and jaded we all are, I've decided to inject some inspirational junk every so often... He searched for his Japanese birth mother. He found her — and the...
  3. carcowbow16

    Best ride/Pax of the year

    Hi all; wanted to start a thread to allow for best ride/pax you have ever experienced in your Uber/Lyft career. We can do another for the worst experience, but let's start with a positive, here's mine to start it off. Got a ping at around 9.00 AM, short pick up at a Starbucks in Carlsbad. Guy...
  4. FAC

    Lyft Support came through for me

    After all the complaints I've read, thought I'd share a happy ending to a bad ride. I picked up a pax and it was one of those rides that nothing could go right. Then Waze sent me on a crazy route adding 7 miles to the trip. After I dropped off the pax I contacted Lyft support to tell them what...