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  1. Mista T

    Free BK meals for life?

    Man has lunch a local Burger King, almost a daily thing for him. Uses restroom, ends up getting locked in for an hour. After he's out, the manager promised a free meal every time he came in. They kept the promise for 2 weeks, then corporate says No more. Suing for the cost of a free meal for...
  2. Mista T

    NYE stats

    Over 10 hours put in. About 1 hr was complete online dead time or dead miles. Including those, I averaged $49/hr gross. Grossed over $500 total. $3.37/ mile driven 3 tips on Uber for $5 total, out of 20-25 rides. 7 Lyft tips for $28 total out of 10-15 rides. Lyft was 38% of my rides but 29%...
  3. Mista T

    Just another average slow night

    Lots of people still out of town. Traffic is light, that's a positive, but rides are fewer. Uber showing a surge of $7.50 at the airport, yet there are 56-60 cars in the queue. Fake surge? Why yes, I think so. Almost killed a pedestrian downtown. Dumbo decides to cross Broadway with almost...
  4. Mista T

    Anyone want to track their numbers with me?

    A few times now I have tracked numbers for a month and posted them here week by week. Has anyone found this useful? Does anyone want to track numbers with me? Was thinking of 4 weeks of tracking, starting with Monday. If no one gives a crap I will quit wasting cyberspace with my stats.
  5. Mista T

    Portland meet up?

    Anyone want to meet up? I'm thinking Tuesday 11am near 20th and Sandy. If enough people are interested I've got a specific location in mind. Possible topics: - taking advantage of the new rates - working the flat rate surge for best profit - general Q and A I have a meeting at 1pm nearby that...
  6. Mista T

    The surge games continue with Uber

    Was in Vancouver just across the river from the airport. Did a drop off. Uber showed a flat dollar surge at PDX of $15. Wow, that's worth driving there for! Lyft showed 6 or 8 cars in the Q. With the 'new and improved' surge, it should stay there 3x longer, right? So I head to 205. Halfway over...
  7. Mista T

    Homeless solution

    I've got it... send the homeless to Sauvies Island! Denmark to Banish Migrants to Tiny Remote Island...
  8. Mista T

    Driver beaten up

  9. Mista T

    The math of the paycut

    Let's do some math and figure out what the actual damage will be to us. I am only going to do the math on Uber X/regular Lyft. This math does not include Base Pay of $.94, and it does not include the mythical surge, or quests, or gas, or the inevitable flat tire. If you are driving at an...
  10. Mista T

    New rates

    What a bunch 0f …. Uber can go @@@@ themselves.
  11. Mista T

    Just got the email

    Uber is hitting Portland with a double whammy very soon. Changing surge to a flat dollar rate AND Cutting distance pay while increasing time pay. @@@@ me.
  12. Mista T

    In case someone wasn't sure

    Was this billboard really necessary?
  13. Mista T

    When you don't make enough driving to pay for gasoline

    https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://amp.clickondetroit.com/news/national/video-man-sets-himself-and-van-on-fire-while-trying-to-siphon-gas-in-portland&ved=2ahUKEwjE4aLE9ejeAhXbHDQIHXhBBOoQqUMwB3oECAEQIQ&usg=AOvVaw0FuRJncyq4hVNK2LDEyKyg Life rule #133: when stealing gas...
  14. Mista T

    No more scooters for a while

    Looks like they are going bye bye for a while...
  15. Mista T

    Pop quiz

    Okay Portlanders, here is todays pop quiz. Without looking up the answers, can you fill in the blanks? In 1845 when Portland was being named, the two founders (Asa __________ and Francis ____________) both wanted to name the city after their home town back east. Francis was from Portland Maine...
  16. Mista T

    Winter driving in Portland

    2 years ago: Worst winter in 9 years. Uber was surging frequently. Made a killing. Lyft had lots of surge, but whenever there was a stacked ping you had no idea if/what was the surge. Lots of stacked cancels! Did some Lyft, lots of Uber, did very well. My best week was (including tips and minus...
  17. Mista T

    How long do I wait before deadheading

    Mid week. Mid day. Drop off at Ilani. How long should I sit here reading UP posts before I break down and deadhead to Salmon Creek? Any advice from the locals?
  18. Mista T

    Easy cancel fee

    Was down by OMSI, got a ping near Produce Row. As I head over there I hear DING DING DING DING DING DING and a freight train rolls on in. Damn. Pax is just on the other side of it! Texted the pax, "Unless you want to hop that train to get in my car, you might want to cancel the ride, or you...
  19. Mista T


    For those of you who have not yet experienced the joy of being audited, I have great news! PBOT has expanded their audit team from 8 to 20 people and are going to start doing audits on the weekend.
  20. Mista T

    Heads up to Eugene drivers

    Eugene requires special permitting to be allowed to drive there, you already know this. As a non-Eugene driver, I cannot pick up in Eugene, nor can anyone else. Supposedly. Portland is the same way. When you travel up this way you should be able to get rides in Salem, Corvallis, and Bend. You...