portland oregon

  1. Mista T

    Lousy weekend

    What a rotten weekend. Friday I picked up "Princess", a shemale prostitute, on about 82nd and Foster. Headed to Wilsonville. As we take exit 283 the ride cancels. WTF!!! Princess claims it was someone else who ordered the ride. Dropped her azz off at the (closed) Burger King a left her there. I...
  2. mikelly

    Drop off and Pick up

    Where do you drop off and pick up passengers at the Portland,Oregon airport?
  3. mrDEE630

    Uber tips in Portland!

    just got the option this morning to opt in to receive tips on the uber app (duh). Let's see how this goes!
  4. Dawn Tower

    Small rant (Portland)

    So, my warehouse has made it so that instead of individually scanning every package, we now just scan the big yellow bags that they are delivered to us in. This is a huge time saver (or should be). In exchange for this, they seem to have increased the average parcel load. Now instead of...
  5. unanale

    where to find Portland Or service area map?

    When I first signed up for Uber I wAs shown a service area map. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help.
  6. Michael - Cleveland

    This Is How Uber Takes Over a City

    This Is How Uber Takes Over a City To conquer America’s quirkiest city, the company unleashed its biggest weapon http://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2015-06-23/this-is-how-uber-takes-over-a-city Bloomberg 6/23/15
  7. M

    Driving vs Waiting. Any statistics?

    Hey guys, My first day of "Ubering" in Portland, OR was last Friday. it wasn't the best day ever, although I know it could be better with some good planning for the day. I am little concern about the actual driving (With passengers) VS driving or waiting (Without passengers) Do you think...