1. D

    Port Miami Terminal B

    So I was at Port of Miami this morning. I got called to pick up somebody at Terminal heat the first terminal as you come out of the staging area. As I'm pulling up to the passenger, one of the poor attendance says that I can't pick him up on that side rather I have to be on the other side. The...
  2. A

    Worst Uber Driver in Jacksonville, FL.

    The name of this driver is Linda, and she drives a Grey Honda CR-V. Linda was pretty nice UNTIL this happened: I took a trip to Jacksonville, along with a friend for a short cruise to the Caribbean. I gave the exact address of pickup (JAX Airport) to drop off location (Cruise port) in the Uber...
  3. N

    Galveston - Official Response from the City of Galveston regarding TNCs (e.g. UBER) as of 2/1/2016

    If you are permitted in Houston, UBER Partners are allowed to DROP OFF in the City of Galveston and at the Port. At this time UBER partners are NOT allowed to pick up in Galveston City Limits. If you are caught picking up passengers within Galveston City Limits you can be cited and there are...
  4. fussen

    Advice from LA Uber Experts please

    Hi! Would you advise your mid-70's parents to use Uber on a Sunday morning (around 930am) to go from the cruise ship port (2350 S Miner Street, San Pedro, CA) to the Getty Villa? And then in the evening, back again from Santa Monica to the cruise ship terminal? Are response times likely...