poor treatment

  1. CDP

    The pay is so bad, I'm struggling to stay online.

    I woke up at 4 a.m. to drive on a Sunday morning. The first pink that I got was 16 minutes away from where I was. The second thing I got was 6 minutes away from where I was and I took it, it was a airport trip to Fort Lauderdale. When I got to the airport it was so crowded, I suggested that I...
  2. ranger0793

    A Race To The Bottom

    http://qz.com/623642/a-new-ride-hailing-app-plans-to-beat-uber-by-treating-its-drivers-better/ I think über is winning the race to the bottom. They have created the competition by the way they treat and pay drivers. I am guessing anyone with app building skills and an entrepreneurial type...