1. TheMilkyWay

    I got a 1 and I figured out by whom! Oh oh

    I plummeted to 4.84 and thru process of elimination I figured out who gave me a 1. It was when I missed the exit and had to do the 2 mile turn around all the way down to exit 20. I'm blaming GPS but I recognized it immediately and apologized to the gentleman, I remember him distinctly and I said...
  2. circle1

    This needs to be repeated! Demand to be opted out of Pools!

  3. Doc453

    Pool Opt Out

    Pools, ugh. If you have a high enough passenger rating can you be locked out of Uber if you don't except pools? I tried it last week and received 2 to 3 in app messages. Is there a way to opt out of all pools? How?
  4. Uber_duber

    I'm going to do Uber today

    And I am going to accept 100% of the pings. I will accept all pools. I will accept all pools that are 15 minutes away. I will accept all pools that are more than 15 minutes away and that are only going one block.