1. CahalM

    Uber Eats Pool coming soon to a market near you

    I'm watching a video now and will include a link to the news article as well. Yes, the thread title is accurate; Uber has probably found yet another way to screw drivers! Uber is rolling out "pool" for UE; basically it's stacked orders. What does that mean for us? If you've ever done a stacked...
  2. Huggy Bear

    How Uber will become an ad company, starting with *Eats Pool* [TechCrunch]

    From: https://techcrunch.com/2018/12/10/uber-ads/ Where there is discovery in an app, there is paid discovery. Google helped you choose between links, then sold ads that promote a few. Facebook helped you choose between pieces of content, then sold ads that promote a few. And eventually, as...
  3. h-ales

    Paxy 101,

    Hello Experienced survivors, I have realized I need more education and classes of understanding paxys’ language, although I’ve been driving for almost two years. So here is an example, while I’m arriving to a pool destination then two minutes start counting down, I usually receive a call from...
  4. Veto_Corleone

    POLL - What kind of ride??

    Long time lurker first time poster here :) Curious if you drive for Fuber in SF, about what percentage of your custies are: 1. Express Poo (%) 2. Poo (%) 3. X (%) 4. Anything higher (%) Vs for Lyft: 1. Shared (%) 2. Lyft (%) 3. Anything higher (%) For the statistically challenged, the Uber...
  5. pizza guy

    Re-ping from a cancellation fee, accept or not?

    A rider you just cancelled on at 2 minutes exactly re-pings you after you collected the fee what do you do? Ideally you check the destination on your log so you know but often it's to quick. You've got seconds to decide. You know it's a ratings hit but you also know dollars are more important...
  6. johnydynamic

    A Pool boycott could work!

    A strike has been proposed many times in these forums. A strike will never happen and if it did it wouldn’t work for a lot of reasons that have been discussed in other threads. A Pool boycott, on the other hand, might be feasible. Everybody can still go out and earn but decline all Pool...
  7. soTuga

    Shared trips or Pool....the maths

    The operators found clever ways to rip off drivers on shared trips, here is how I think those trips should be charged: Also note: London's evening average speed is 11 mph. On normal X prices, one hour POB gives us a gross fare of £25.25 - 20% uber fee = £20.20 for the driver. On shared trips...
  8. Yam Digger

    Earnings after Express Poo

    Has anyone else noticed that their per hour earnings have gone down quite a bit since Express Poo?
  9. Djhuber63

    “Sorry I don’t do Pool Mate”

    Huge laugh today as I was delivering pax to Brunswick, new job pinged around the corner. Headed off to collect rider to notice “rider is walking to the pickup point” D’OH! It’s pool! I hadn’t noticed the minuscule “pool” identifier because the sun was in my face and I was busy seeing off my...
  10. Hihosilver

    War on Pools

    Have a friend uses Uber to ride. Just got a lot of big perks to Pool. Don't know about you, but seem to be getting more pool requests lately. Might explain it. Slow season so accepting some. ALWAYS hit Stop New Requests. Also notice Uber seems to take less out of Pools. Numbers probably...
  11. Djhuber63

    This is why I don’t do pool.

  12. E

    Mayor Of Hoboken

    yesterday I picked up Mayor Of Hoboken.
  13. johnydynamic

    Slowest nights ever since stopped doing pool rides: Coincidence, Retaliation, or Paranoia?

    I mainly drive Pleasanton/Livermore/Dublin on weekend nights. Usually there’s enough activity to keep me pretty busy. Last weekend I decided to stop taking pool rides and had a pretty good weekend. This weekend is a very different story. Last night was my slowest night in two and a half years...
  14. randolph2323

    Troubled pools

  15. David Black

    Longest ride

    Just curious, what's the longest ride you had to do with Uber?
  16. jbk416

    Pool PAX (Limit)???

    I had a pax request pool to go to jersey gardens mall.....he then proceeded to bring his wife and 3 kids with him.......I started to cancel but then he offered me cash tip so i took them.......I noticed after the trip he only paid 14 bucks for what would be a 25 dollar ride......... I inturn...
  17. Statiq

    Boost at Jay Z & Beyoncé Concert

    So it looks like the boost was only for X & Pool rides at the Concert last night. What is Uber signaling?? First no early Surge for select and now no Boost. Not liking this at all!
  18. I

    Lyft keeps cancelation fee.

    I picked up first pessenger and second passenger added automatically. When I reached to pick up second pessenger but it did not show up. So, I tapped ‘no show up’. It didn’t get paid for cancellation fee but Lyft kept all the cancellation fee.
  19. MMM NYC

    Do they really want to know?

    They should just search here for "poop":D;)
  20. Beepbeep41

    First Brisbane POOL ride

    Got a ping, 1.5surge, accepted of course. One second later Ola pings and it was just a reaction to accept. Whoops! Now I got two jobs so I head to the Uber customer thinking along the way how I’m gonna get away with this. I arrive at my Uber customer and he hops in I say “thanks for requesting...