1. D

    New update

    Hee guys. I've updated the Uber app (Android) today and then when I started driving I noticed that I cannot see who's requesting me either Uber x or Uber pool, and I think I couldn't even think time until the pick up. Do you have the same issue guys and do you know how to solve that. This is not...
  2. U

    Uber's new cancelation fee policy

    As is seen on the picture uber now credits a 5.00 fee if an uber X trip is canceled by the rider after 5 minutes and if you are within the 5 minute estimate that the GPS states. Before it was as long as you were arriving on time . This give us a little leeway for traffic. Also uber pool trips...
  3. Tommy Vercetti

    Avoiding UberPool question.....with poll!

    Hey guys and gals, I have a quick question for you guys. Last night I received an UberPool request, I accepted it because I would just go offline after I pick them up because no way I'm doing UberPool. But because it wouldn't let me access google maps, so I cancelled the trip. I can't stand the...
  4. T

    Lowest Pool Fare

    So, what has been your lowest pool fare payout? I had a ride last night that paid out $1.90. The only redeeming thing about that ride was that the girl was pleasant and nicely tipsy.
  5. CaptSteve

    Uber streamlines matchmaking within Pool

    Techcrunch news on Uber Pool. Note they mention by name the Uber Pool Product Managers by name...so you now know who to blame for the foolishness...that is Uber Pool. https://techcrunch.com/2016/12/12/uberpool-streamlines-matchmaking-pickups-and-driver-side-features/?ncid=rss
  6. Toonces-the-cat

    How to deal with Pool

    Stop accepting accepting pool requests. It's that simple. I know you want to hit your numbers so that you can get that extra cash but is it really worth it? You know you are going to get burned so stop it already.
  7. RUSSREED2.0


    Hi studs, babes, pigs, chickens, ducks, lords, burrito makers and Bluetooths. I found a neat trick Uber is doing with pool. Once you accept the first one, GAME OVER, you are stuck in the line for good. I picked up a POO, look it was slow, and after my first PING, they just kept coming. I...
  8. RUSSREED2.0

    I Know there's an LAX thread! BUT I NEED LOGISTICS HELP

    Ok I know poo is here for LAX!! WE ALL HATE IT! GOT IT! But logistically how does LAX POO work? The Uber event marker says @ the staging Lot which I think is wrong. Is everything still the same, or is there another place to pick up? This chicken is confused..
  9. Budmash

    UberX or EXEC 4.85

    Hello Uberrers.. Any1 here got upgraded from X to Exec after Doing 1000 trips with 4.85 rating? How Was ur Experience.... Making 50% more than X... Or Still chasing up?
  10. D

    Getting a regular pool in airport line

    Hi everyone. Couple days ago I was driving around Miami International Airport and got the special spot to get into airport queue. Was waiting for about 30 minutes and eventually I'm getting a pool request from the STREET near the airport, not from the airport. The funniest part is when I got the...
  11. UberAnt39

    Don't do Pool

    Don't do Pool..., er, that's it.
  12. pizza guy

    X ride matched with pool

    Had something weird happen today. I was driving my rider to the destination and got a ping. It was kind of early in the ride but I still blindly accept it thinking it's a stacked ride. I check the app and it's a pool match. I just thought I accidentally accepted a pool ride and the rider wasn't...
  13. crazy916

    Pool added back to my account and the solution

    Last night I got out here and turned on my app. My first request was Pool and I did not notice it until I got to the passenger. Sent off a message to support about it with a request to be paid X rates and to be opted out again. I decided to finish off the night, and I ended up taking a total of...
  14. G

    Does Uber selectively force some drivers to take more trips to Toronto downtown?

    I usually drive afternoons and evenings. About 2-2.5 weeks ago I completely stopped accepting Pools because I had enough of stress and BS. Now it is my observation that (1st) I don't receive pool requests anymore, (2nd) I started to get overall less UberX than before, and (3rd) those that I get...
  15. circle1

    This needs to be repeated! Demand to be opted out of Pools!

  16. Doc453

    Pool Opt Out

    Pools, ugh. If you have a high enough passenger rating can you be locked out of Uber if you don't except pools? I tried it last week and received 2 to 3 in app messages. Is there a way to opt out of all pools? How?
  17. Alan Fink

    Pool PAX trying to get over or maybe just an honest mistake?

    Had a Pool PAX try to get over on me Sunday @ 3AM or maybe it just an honest mistake? They were 7 minutes away. When I got there and started the trip, the destination was at the other end of the block! When I asked where we were going, the guy gave me an address 5 miles away. Since it was a...
  18. aardaps

    Pool opt out

    I asked to not receive Poo requests, and here is the response. "I apologize for the inconvenience. I understand you wish to opt out of Uber pool. I will definitely explain them. Upon reviewing your profile I found your account is based in San Diego. According to your city guidelines, it is...
  19. UberAnt39

    Get ready guys.

    The newly redesigned Uber rider app is out today, designed to push Pool harder than ever before. Get them Stool ignoring middle finger salutes ready.
  20. PuppyMonkeyBaby

    Uber Pool is now cheaper than riding the Subway!!

    I took a couple from the Lower East Side of Manhattan to the Upper East Side on a Uber Pool, tonight for under 5 Dollars!!! WTF!! Considering a subway fare is $2.75 per person, that is cheaper than the Subway for door to door service. RIDICULOUS!! I accidentally accepted the FOOL ride and was...