pool rides

  1. SatMan

    Here we go again...Uber pool without all the stops!

    Uber Pool without all the stops is finally an option for some rides Share Share Riding happily with strangers. IMAGE: UBER BY SASHA LEKACH1 HOUR AGO For UberX riders willing to ride with others, there's some ride-hailing credit up for grabs. To encourage more shared rides on Uber's...
  2. Daisey77

    Surprise . . . it's a pool

    Are you guys all getting notified on the incoming request if it's a pool? Twice, in this past week, I accepted an uberX only to find out once I arrived and got the timer going or I got redirected, that the ride is in fact a pool. The first time I just thought I somehow missed it but that's...
  3. Halfmybrain

    Pool rides: Best areas!

    I want to make my Sunday night SHORT, snag my Quest bonus, and call it a Weekend. I want me some pool combos with 2, 3 trips. Bring on the low-raters--as if I care. Remind me some best areas? I've stuck with north Chicago and out of pool territory (only one pool ping all weekend) when not in...
  4. mikewithebike

    Deactivated after driving as ignorant Pool Pax...

    Did a pool trip today in which Pax wanted me to stop at a convenience store so he could get cigarettes. After telling him we aren't allowed to make stops on pool trips things went south real fast. He got belligerent and recieved the same back from me before this minimum fare trip ended. I...
  5. UberGeo

    Never take poo pax or line rides unless during high surge or high prime time... it kills the surge

    I know some do this for reasons to make a bonus/quest... Ok. But if you are just driving, leave some riders for the rest of us and stop killing the surge. Get this message out people!!!
  6. RUSSREED2.0


    OK everyone, I know we talked about this, but a quick reminder. I looked at my trip details and Uber has adopted LYFT's idea of LINE! ONLY one rider, one payment. There is no longer, two different payment's for each rider. Sorry, I may be late to the party, but been on vacation.
  7. M

    Does the new driver admendment affect xl and select fares?

    Just curious if xl and select drivers have noticed a "larger" service fee, than the 28-30% uber used to collect. Wondering if it's just the poo and x passengers that are paying more to uber after the new driver admendment?
  8. RUSSREED2.0


    Hi studs, babes, pigs, chickens, ducks, lords, burrito makers and Bluetooths. I found a neat trick Uber is doing with pool. Once you accept the first one, GAME OVER, you are stuck in the line for good. I picked up a POO, look it was slow, and after my first PING, they just kept coming. I...
  9. lbuberchick562

    Worse Trip and All I Could Think Was What A @@@@@@ I Was....

    Let me have it. ..I totally deserve it. I've been lurking for a while so I can almost guarantee which people will be posting their comments on here bashing me...I can take it, I totally deserve it. Starting out in long beach. ..first few trips ok then I started getting these 10 and 12 min...