pool drivers

  1. Mark Johnson

    Pax down rates drivers for additional UberPool pickups

    A pax posted this on reddit. Apparently, they feel Uber drivers are abusing the system when they pick up 4 pax on UberPool -- thus having three strangers seat in the back seat together. He/she claims too give drivers a 1-star rating whenever this happens and that Uber drivers should CANCEL if it...
  2. OC Lady Uber Driver

    Opt Out of Pool Advice... Review this Thread!!!

  3. LinnyVan

    PAX complains about running late in Pool..

    Today I had a Pax complain because she was running late for work. It was during rush hour this morning and I simply told her if you're running late you need to order an X. not a pool. Every time I accept a pool ride I regret it....every single time. Now my acceptance rate is down because I've...