1. Cowboyup

    School is out on Monday. Three day weekend.

    :( Have fun with that. :eek: :confused:
  2. Klockwork

    Record Keeping Best Practices

    Good morning, fellow drivers! I am looking for opinions/advice on best way to keep track of all things driving for Uber. 1. What receipts should I hang onto? Gas, Inspections, maintenance? Anything more? Do you take pictures of the receipts or do you keep them in a folder? 2. Mileage - Trying...
  3. J

    Facebook live during rides?

    Has anyone tried using Facebook live during rides?
  4. MikesUber

    Pittsburgh man offers Uber-like service to help you catch Pokemon

    Source: http://www.wtae.com/news/pittsburgh-man-offers-uberlike-service-to-help-you-catch-pokemon/40464558 (Video) He's charging.. ... $10/hour guys ....$10/hour. WOW :confused: Edit: Sorry link didn't work, revised