1. Kurt Halfyard

    Too many passengers for vehicle.

    This happened last night. A bunch of well heeled ladies at a Mississauga condo via LYFT, asked me to wait for their fifth friend who was coming down the elevator. I told them my car only has capacity for 4 passengers + driver. Their leader, Nicole, got a little indignant, and said, "Well I...
  2. Mista T

    XL question

    Anyone do Plus or XL in pdx? I'm thinking of getting a used minivan to do it, since X rates suck. What % of your rides are XL vs X? Are you picky and only take XL rides or do you take whatever comes your way? Any solid info appreciated, thx guys and girls.
  3. UberSchmuber

    XL & Plus: Have a lot of cancelations at EWR?

    Had this happen the other morning. Had an early run to EWR and had 2 Plus fares cancel there: one just before the taxi hold lot near the rideshare lot and one before I could even text them. I text them that I can take 6 and luggage when I have a chance. Are they just Suburban or Expedition...
  4. the ferryman

    13% acceptance, Plus only

    I really dgaf any longer. I've written them about 20x over last 1.5 years and they will not relent. Blah blah blah
  5. PlatinumRSS

    Select/Premier/XL/Plus 9pm to 6am demand

    Does anyone only do Select/Premier/XL/Plus and drive at night full time in the Denver metro area? I am considering buying a used 2010 - 2012 GMC Yukon around $21,000 to drive Select/Premier/XL/Plus maybe LUX if its 2011 or 2012 and some regular pings on the right surge percentage. Is there...
  6. cbskywarn

    Lyft Express Pay Issue

    I'm relatively new to Lyft and Uber. This topic is specifically for Lyft though. On my app, of which I have a regular 4 door sedan for regular 'Lyft' rides as well as a Van for 'Plus' rides, I have the option for Express Pay at just $5 earnings. My girlfriend who signed up at the same time as...
  7. Slat90

    Today I made a decision about Xl

    I will not longer pick up anyone who is moving their bedroom to another 2 blocks. This is transportation business. People ans luggages at most. I'm not a moving truck!
  8. IERide

    Steps for signing up for Plus/Select?

    Can anyone tell me the steps for signing up as a Select driver?
  9. A

    Select...How has it been so far?

    I'm a select driver. Been pretty slow since the name change. Had a few long rides, but the volume seems to be gone. What's your experience so far? I think some passengers are thrown off by the new name...
  10. A

    Plus drivers: sit & wait or drive around?

    I'm having a rough patch this week (its just me, my friend also drives plus and is having his best week ever). For the past year, I had been driving around, same route, having a lot of success. This week I had been doing the same route, but had three consecutive bad days in a row. All time bad...