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  1. F

    Lyft Fare increases? Platform Fees? Driver cuts? Gas increase?

    Hi Lyft rolled out their new "rate" card the other day. They also now display just your net pay as a driver. You have to dig a little and find the fares that rider paid. I was shocked the other day as I used Lyft as a rider to a normal night out spot we go to rather frequently. Its normally...
  2. wprosser2008

    Probably a stupid noobie question

    How do I tell what platform I'm on and how do I change it? I drive an 03 Honda Pilot SUV so I assume I'm on both X and XL at least.
  3. Nenee

    How can I see what level ride i'm accepting?

    Is there a way to see what level ride I am accepting? I can't tell when I get the ping. it's not until i drop off and I go in to summary of earnings. Theres gotta be some other way to see this info. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. uberx2

    Other Platforms? Terago??

    I'm struggling on Uberx right now. There seems to be just too much waiting around to make it pay at these new lower rates and to make it worse I'm on 25% commission too. I looked at mixing my Uber work with Wheely but apparently they wont let you work on other platforms. Has anyone heard of...