1. N

    Can I keep my TLC plates if my license got expired ?

    So here is a little story..I got a new job so finished working for taxi. My License got expired (along with vehicles license) long ago but I still have TLC plates and TLC insurance. Now question ! I want to rent out my car with TLC plates, but I have to pass inspection, to pass inspection I...
  2. TTPage

    Nissan Altima w/ TLC Plates for rent

    2014 Nissan Altima available @ $300 a week Call me 347-848-2750 for more details Located in Bronx NY
  3. dantyh78


    Hi, I’m moving to Phoenix in a week Just wondering if you need AZ plates to drive for Uber there or will my out of state plates work. I’m trying to start driving right away so I just wanted to know the process. Thanks for your feedback.
  4. heardyouneedaride123

    Protest at the mayors office August 5 at noon!

    So this is what it is. I’m in support of the cap but i rent .I will remain a renter for as long as I drive Uber. For other renters out there, Let’s gather up rally and fight this! It’s clear as day that leasing/renting companies have a agenda to transition into a monopoly. The agenda is to keep...
  5. Drive2bFree

    Plate Letter Arrived After A Few Business Days

    I was about to post that with the large flood of recent vehicle applications, we shouldn't hold our breath to get plated anytime soon. I remember in 2015 when the TLC office moved from Queens Boulevard to 47th Avenue, it took 6 weeks for me to get my car processed and registered. I am very...
  6. Sarun

    i know you guys don't like this kind of questions but can you guys help me to figure out ?

    is bill of sales and temporary registration is good to pick up the plate from DMV? i heard somewhere in some cases they ask for title ?
  7. Ahmed Nafis

    2 questions...!

    1. Is it true that, all DMV doesn’t issue TLC plates??? My insurance broker told me and I’m not quite sure about this....! I live in Jamaica Queens... 2. After applying for TLC PLATE, how long or how many businesse days required to mail a plate letter??? I applied on last Friday.. Thanks a lot...
  8. U

    NYS TLC Plates Pickup Requirements

    Hello, I'm fairly new to driving for hire. I bought a car last month. And after a lengthy process, last week I went to pickup TLC plates at the DMV with the pickup letter. They did not issue me TLC plates because the (dealership issued regular) plates I was turning in did not have an...
  9. Slat90

    Anyone who already returned plates..?

    If you already returned your plates and switched your car to regular dmv plates. How much did it cost you and what was the process? Thanks in advance
  10. J

    Insurance reinstate

    my insurance got cancelled on 23rd July due to non payment. I have been trying to get in touch since then with the broker but no response. However I called the insurance company they were least helpful. Now I got a message from Uber saying that I have to contact Dmv before next week. I am...
  11. Slat90

    Question about returning plates and insurance

    I'm returning the plates and I owe 2 months of insurance but the insurance has a deposit of $1,000 what happens do they take the two months and give me back the rest. Second question when I return the plates do I get back any money from the DMV?
  12. N

    Out of State Plates for Phoenix riders

    Is it possible to drive for Uber if you have out of state plates? I saw other cities talking about how it was okay but idk. I want to do it but do not want to change my plates because I am moving back to Utah in August. Me and my husband are down here for the summer and it would be a major...
  13. Joe A

    Changing license plates

    I started Lyft with a new car and had temp plates. Now i have new plates. How do i change them in Lyft app?
  14. U


    hello everyone, im currently an uber driver with my own TLC car, my car is old and about to be retired. i want to buy a new... used car but im not sure if i have to surrender my old TLC plates and get new one and go through the whole process and paying all that money over again. can someone tell...
  15. Jorlev

    TLC Vehicle Application Requirement - Fees and Incorporation

    Signed up with Uber at Manhattan location. I'm currently going through the TLC Driver application process but started looking at what the requirements are for TLC Vehicle Licensing. Unless I'm mistaken, ti looks like there's an application fee of $550, a Commercial Motor Vehicle Tax (CMVT) of...
  16. TrexG

    How many gonna drop out

    If uber cars and others are to change number plates to the rumoured CV plates, and the possibility of commercial insurance (?), amongst other changes, how many of my fellow uber drivers will be dropping out?
  17. BrooklynDodger

    Personlized NYC TLC Plates

    I ordered personlized NYC Tlc plates to brand the business. Does anyone know the process for notifying Uber and Tlc?
  18. BullShipley

    Out of state tags

    Can you drive for uber if you move from one state to another with the same plate until it expires. It won't let me go online now that I have moved. What do I need to do?