1. Arkaxow

    HR#3262 (Sami's Law), displaying placards and window jam?

    I live in New Jersey and I finally got around to displaying my placard. The deadline is March 20. I look in my mail and find that Lyft sent me two placards and some adhesive to put over it. Great. I'm ready to go and put them on my windows. So now what about Uber? I look in my mail for what Uber...
  2. Manotas

    Is this thing replacing the glowing pink stash?

    Has anyone been on the Lyft site lately? Is that thing on the login page going to replace the glowing pink mustache?
  3. Iatsan

    LAX Placard

    sorry if it was already answered, but I couldn't find it here. I drive for Uber and Lyft and did the online course for lyft and got the placard to drop off and pick up at LAX. Do I need to get a 2nd placard for Uber or can I use the same one? Thx.
  4. Phasmatrope

    New placard placement?

    Hey all, apologies to ask belatedly here, but does anyone have any official info on WHICH side of your rear windshield you're supposed to put the new post-June 2016 required rear decal? If it the left side, right side, towards the top, middle, or bottom? Can't seem to find any guidelines on...
  5. painfreepc

    No Drop-off @ LAX, if Not LA partner

    Any of IE partners get the LAX Placard? -------------------------------- A little info about me, I signed up for Uber around June of 2014, when I signed up, there was no IE Uber market, 80%+ of my driving is in the OC and LA Uber market. -------------------------------- After requesting an LAX...
  6. GemObra

    Inspections, U Placards, and the PPA, Oh My!

    Like everyone else I started getting text messages about getting my car inspected and needing a U placard in my car. And then I read that UberX is actually illegal within Philadelphia. So why in the hell am I going to go get a placard that allows the PPA to readily identify me and simply impound...