1. Mista T

    Temptation to turn it back on

    Have you stopped driving because of COVID? Me too. It’s funny how many of us (including myself) complain about the miserable pay and rotten treatment we receive from U/L and sometimes from pax, yet it takes a pandemic to get us to finally stop driving. I picked up a replacement job delivering...
  2. Karl Marx

    Robot Rides Are Going to Deliver Pizza and Parcels Before People
  3. UberPotomac

    Pizza boy, your time is up!!!!!

  4. Zap

    Do you like pizza?

    You might like this deal. When HRI do these sales, the inventory goes very quickly.
  5. Uber_duber

    where do you go for the best slice of pizza?

    I know you guys stop and grab a slice sometimes. A lot of the pizza sucks but I know there are some hidden gems you know about.
  6. Thomas The Transporter

    Would You Deliver Food Between Rides?

    If you were just sitting around, NOT making money, would you pick up some food from a restaurant and deliver it to someone's house/apartment/workplace for a quick $5-$10? You'll have to park your car at the restaurant and go inside to get the food, but the customer might be able to come out to...
  7. MulletMan

    Rate Cuts Make Uberx Comparable to Pizza Delivery

    I chose to deliver pizza when the great recession hit construction in Atlanta '07 - '09. Pros: The pizzas can't rate you. The pizzas don't care what your ride looks like You don't have to talk to the pizzas. You only have a limited area to drive. Cons: Almost completely dependent on tips. You...
  8. Floridaguy80

    Uber delivering Pizza?

    Okay, so I got an email that if you go online tonight at 6 p.m. in Jacksonville you can get a free Cheese Pizza from Mellow Mushroom delivered to you at curbside. My question is who the heck is doing the delivery?
  9. UberMeansSuper

    DFW, 10/7, Uber - Pizza Invitation - Lame Attempt at Pre-Strike UberBrainwash?

    Come grab a slice of pizza with us! We'll be providing pizza and beverages for partners interested in stopping by to grab a bite and to meet their fellow driver-partners! It's expected to be a beautiful night late Saturday, and what better place to be than an outdoor patio, meeting with some of...