1. jayoncé_

    Best times to drive in PGH?

    Hey all! I've been driving Uber for a bit now. I started in Aug 2015, drove for about a month and then took a hiatus. I recently started driving again this past week; mainly because I need the extra money. The problem I am having is trying to plan accordingly so that I minimize my losses (gas...
  2. MikesUber

    Lyft: Mid-Atlantic Driver Advisory Council (Who's going?)

    Source: Lyft Email Good afternoon! In case we don't know each other already, I wanted to introduce myself! I am so honored to represent our individual markets and am excited to help bring our issues, concerns, suggestions and ideas to the forefront. I will be hosting driver socials in the...
  3. MikesUber

    Pittsburgh Penguins 2016 Stanley Cup Champions!

    Anyone drive after the game yesterday? I was right next to Consol right after the game, think it hit 2.6x which isn't extravagant but doable. Crowd was going crazy understandably, horns honking, people hanging out sunroofs. Traffic seemed to be managed nicely from what I saw, Fifth and Forbes...
  4. 300Miles

    Class action PA spanking for Lyft?

    Does anybody know of attorneys suing Lyft in Pennsylvania? If so, would appreciate you sending on their name. Briefly, - I have more than a thousand rides in and a 4.92 rating with the last 50 rides all 5 stars. I reach 20% PDB at least half the time. - I was terminated without warning or...
  5. MikesUber

    Minimum Fare Increase Live Today

    Source: Uber Pittsburgh Email One of the most common requests from drivers in Pittsburgh is that we should raise the minimum fare. We’ve heard you. Starting immediately, the uberX minimum fare in Pittsburgh will increase to $6.95 (previously $6.00). This new minimum fare includes a new...
  6. MikesUber

    Announcing New Dynamic Pricing Maps for Surge

    Source: Uber Pittsburgh Email New Surge technology is coming to Pittsburgh! This latest improvement brings enhanced granularity and more targeted dynamic pricing. It's part of our ongoing effort to bring you the latest technology so that you can make smart decisions about where and when to...
  7. M

    Self driving cars here is IPO coming soon ? Nice knowing you guys end is near getting cdl

  8. MikesUber

    Stressed at work? Order out for 'Uber Puppies'

    Adoptable dogs from Western Pennsylvania Humane Society can be delivered via Uber Published 8:01 AM EDT May 19, 2016 http://www.wtae.com/news/stressed-at-work-order-out-for-uber-puppies-from-humane-society/39624178 PITTSBURGH —If your day gets a little stressful at work, Uber is here to...
  9. MikesUber

    Wolf, Fitzgerald, Peduto ask PUC to Reconsider Multi-million Dollar Uber Fine (Pittsburgh)

    Follow Up to, Pennsylvania Hits Uber with Record $11.4 Million Fine Original Thread: https://uberpeople.net/threads/pennsylvania-hits-uber-with-record-11-4-million-fine.73652/ Ride-sharing service fined $11.3 million for operating without required approval in 2014 New Article...
  10. MikesUber

    Pennsylvania Hits Uber with Record $11.4 Million Fine

    Source: http://www.wtae.com/news/pennsylvania-hits-uber-with-record-114-million-fine/39143386 Main Thread: https://uberpeople.net/threads/pennsylvania-hits-uber-with-record-11-4-million-fine.73652/
  11. MikesUber

    Pennsylvania Hits Uber with Record $11.4 Million Fine

    Source: http://www.wtae.com/news/pennsylvania-hits-uber-with-record-114-million-fine/39143386 Public Utility Commission penalizes ride-sharing service for doing business without state permit in 2014 UPDATED 1:34 PM EDT Apr 21, 2016 The Public Utility Commission, which also regulates buses and...
  12. Deadeyedannn

    Is 65 Miles too far for an Uber?

    Hello everyone! Happy Easter! I am a student in Latrobe, Pa, and I am flying into the Pittsburgh airport tomorrow. My current goal is to get an Uber ride from the Pitt airport to my school in Latrobe. The distance is pretty long and about 65 miles. I calculated the price and I am more than...
  13. Sts

    Construction on way to Airport

    Rdit. I was wrong. It must have been an accident. Sorry. :(
  14. MikesUber

    Uber Officially Building Autonomous Test Track in Hazelwood (PA)

    https://newsroom.uber.com/us-pennsylvania/growing-in-the-steel-city/ http://www.post-gazette.com/business/development/2016/02/23/Uber-planning-to-break-ground-at-former-LTV-Coke-Works-in-Hazelwood/stories/201602230196...
  15. MikesUber

    Rivers Casino Parking Question

    Is it okay to park near the front entrance of the casino (Rivers)? Either in the "Self Park" lane, curb away from the front doors (not taxi stand side) or directly in front of the doors? There are usually a few taxis and sometimes staff... any regulations against waiting for a pax ping? I'm...
  16. MikesUber

    Will You Drive for $.90/mile and $.15/minute?

    Pittsburgh, PA Base Fare: Previous: $1.50 Current: $1.20 (20% cut) Per Minute: Previous: $0.20 Current: $0.15 (25% cut) Per Mile: Previous: $1.20 Current: $0.90 (25% cut)
  17. X-X_Driver

    Android Parner App Version Changes

    Hi Everyone. I'm brand new to the forum. (My first post.) I'm active on the UberX platform in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Has anyone had their Android Partner App. Version "cut back" to an earlier version this past week (early Dec. 2015)? I had a stable version of the app running for...
  18. MikesUber

    Airport Pick Up/Drop Off Guide

    *This is meant for reference only and may not be comprehensive, please ensure you are following all signage/traffic laws. If you notice any discrepancies please let me know* I met some great Uber drivers last night at the airport, it was my first time going through a pick up. Even though I...
  19. MikesUber

    Favorite Places to Drive in Pittsburgh?

    Happy Friday Pittsburgh Simple question for everyone, where are your favorite places to drive in Pittsburgh? Choose up to 5 choices on the survey above My favorites: Downtown - hotels, restaurants, convention center North Shore - Game-day and casino pick ups Southside - Bar runs from...