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  1. Ping.Me.More

    TV news heads-up/ORD pit coverage tonight

    For tonight, 1/31/19, 9PM CST, WGN Chicago TV news coverage: One of the scheduled segments tonight is video coverage of the ORD TNP lot, including complaints from passengers about waiting an hour to get picked up. All of you double-parking, dodge-em'-cars, antsy pit lurkers are probably going...
  2. U

    Head to the Waiting LOT (correct answer) Very helpful information so read!

    You're immediately added to the Queue as soon as you pass the Mannheim N exit from the 190 if driving solo, i.e. no pax. You're made available or qualify to rematch if you're dropping off. Regardless, after ending the trip, you're in pit purgatory of sorts, whereby you qualify for the rematch so...
  3. Dan Ryan

    O'Hare: Is The Pit Worth It?

    I am a newb, but not a newb. I first started driving Uber when there was no Pit and no pick-ups allowed at either of the airports. Then, I stopped driving Uber for several months (almost 1 year). I started back doing Uber again earlier this year. I have never waited in The Pit. But, every time...
  4. Geno71

    Pittsburgh Int. Airport (PIT) Lessons learned the hard way.

    First let me say, my god I love this forum. Now... Today I took a rider to the airport, it was my second passenger of the night and I had a good feeling about today already. No issues there. $25 run. No tip, no biggie. I don't normally do airport pick ups and in my relatively short time as an...
  5. MikesUber

    Airport Pick Up/Drop Off Guide

    *This is meant for reference only and may not be comprehensive, please ensure you are following all signage/traffic laws. If you notice any discrepancies please let me know* I met some great Uber drivers last night at the airport, it was my first time going through a pick up. Even though I...