1. jeffel

    Picking up in New Jersey

    So yesterday I had a ride from northern Delaware to Newark, NJ. When I got there, I didn't go offline, but I didn't expect to get anything because it's outside the Philly market. But to my surprise I got a ping in Newark 5 minutes later, and I was able to accept it. Have they changed things to...
  2. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Stacked pings on LYFT?

    Hello Lyft Drivers, Just wondering if anyone has received stacked pings on LYFT (This does NOT include LYFT Line)? Stacked pings are when you receive a second consecutive request before you completed the first request and have dropped the passengers off. I have never received any stacked...
  3. GruveRecords

    If you're receiving an absurd amount of long distance requests, Call Support

    I don't know about everyone else's market, but this past week has been brutal with the long distance requests. This is apparently the new "normal".. Because of this, I guess this will be my new normal Accept/cancel rates.. Earlier I declined 7 requests in a row that were over 10 minutes...
  4. GruveRecords

    New Personal Record: Cancelled 4 McDonald's Pings that in 5 minutes

    Uber must be getting desperate. I know there were plenty of other Ants on the map. So, hopefully everyone is declining. These were all legit accept & cancel. Map kept flipping in such a way that it tricked me. I couldn't believe they actually kept pinging me for the same McDonald's. I've told...
  5. GruveRecords

    Correlation between moving and receiving pings vs sitting and waiting?

    Has anyone else noticed this correlation recently? I know Common sense would be to sit and not waste gas. Which I typically try to do during the slower times..But lately I've noticed that when I sit and wait I might not get pinged. So, usually after 10-15 minutes I start moving and I swear...
  6. UberPotomac

    Surging in Mont Co

    Surging 1.7 in Mont Co but no pings.
  7. Maven

    Best Places & Times to Drive & Find Surges

    This is general advice that may be useful in most locations. Please start or join existing threads in your home city forum (not here) to share your experiences with your fellow drivers and they in turn may help you. Have you seen any surges? Where and when? Did they last or disappear quickly...
  8. QLDUberDriver

    UberEats about to get even more crowded.

    Uber is in the next stage of making it even less money to earn on UberEats with its new in app promotion up here in Brisbane. Maybe they should I wonder if they will tell drivers they get paid even less than normal when they accept multiple deliveries from one restaurant. Not to mention they...
  9. Maven

    Driver Benefits

    If drivers like you were represented then what should our Union demand from Uber? I'd like to see: Increased pay. Uber cut decreased from 25% to 20% and drivers get a percentage of the booking fee. Tipping feature on rider-App Limit number of drivers (or rider-to-driver ratio) in a city so...
  10. Maven

    Passing on Pings

    If you are running one or more Apps in addition to Uber, like Lyft, Grubhub, etc. then how do you decide, when a ping comes in, to pass, hoping for a better ping soon? Perhaps it's too far away or there's a surge on. What works for you?
  11. UberBy11

    Rider Ping Planning....or conspiracy

    I've both experienced and read about folks getting Pings for rides as far away as 20-30+ minutes. Also, I recently had a dumbA$s pax wonder why I wouldn't wait the "customary" 10 minutes for her. This has me wondering whether or not the Pax are requesting these far-away drivers hoping they...
  12. UberwithStuber

    I took your advice! Thank You Uberpeople

    I have in the past accepted all pings, and as you so kindly warned me, "Don't accept anything over 10 minutes!" You were right, the long pings never panned out. Never! So this morning, my first ping was 11 minutes away-Ignore. Second ping-14 minutes-Ignore 3rd ping- 6 minutes, I accepted, got...
  13. Maven

    New Drivers Get More Pings?

    I've seen this idea expressed several times on this forum, but does anybody have any real evidence that it's more than an "Urban Legend"? There are many theories why Uber does this. One variation goes I do believe that new drivers get more bonus/guarantees, but I'm more skeptical about more...
  14. Attractspsychos

    Not enough pings outside of the city.

    I live in Monaca, which is in beaver county. About 40 minutes north on 376. Rarely do I receive pings around here. Every time I drive now, it is always towards the city. Does anyone have any input on where else I could go?
  15. Showa50

    Uber can you stop filtering and restricting my pings.

    I know this happens because other drivers have complained about it also. No true evidence, but we're not stupid Uber. When a ping comes in and it instantly gets cancelled, which also happens to be conveniently going the direction your DF is set. Uber is playing games When over the past 2 weeks...
  16. nomogmos

    How long does it take to get your first ride with uberX?

    It always seems to take a long time before I get my first trip of the day. Does anyone else experience this? I imagine the wait times are significantly different for the different levels (x, xl, select, black, delivery (anybody here do delivery?)
  17. pizza guy

    How to get pings

    Since being closest to the rider MO longer guarantees you get the ping I thought I'd share some techniques that still work to get a ping immediately. Swipe your credit card at a gas pump. Sit down on the toilet. Lite a cigarette. Take a road without anywhere to turn around. Pull into your home...
  18. J

    No ping in a week

    I am in Abilene TX the first time I got my first ping and acceped traffic came to a screeching halt is there anything on my end that can be done to receive more customers it also says on my app I have a 50% acceptance rating when I have only received one ping and on the website my acceptance...
  19. C

    Try to accept..but nothing happens

    Hi gang. A couple of times tonite, I'd get a hit and go to accept and the little box comes up and says accepting...but then it keeps pinging...and keeps trying to accept but matter how many times I hit the screen. It was intermittent. That ever happen to you?
  20. circle1

    Is there a way to see pings coming in without being logged-in to your partner account?

    Too bad there wasn't some way to see pings without being logged-on with your account. If a hacker could make an app to do that they would be rolling in money quite quickly (imo)!