1. Initial D

    Question about "Drive to Airport - You will get a request on the way" (Lyft)

    Whenever I'm at SFO or the Oakland Airport, I always get the message to drive to the airport for a ride from Lyft after I'm really close to the top of the queue. I was wondering, is the queue still moving while this message is up? I usually wait on Lyft and get a request for Uber, so I can tell...
  2. Ping.Me.More

    stealth, "pool fakeout-ping" trick (?)

    Recently while in the pit, I declined 2 consecutive Uber Pool ride pings within 10 seconds of each other, then I accepted an UberX ping about 20 seconds after that. While on the way to the terminal, Uber then added another rider, also to be at the same terminal . . . I thought, wtf, this ping...
  3. hooj


    Oh Lyft; sometimes you’re so nice and friendly and convenient, while other times you’re silly, odd and unnecessarily annoying. Let’s start with annoying - yes, this graphic is annoying - but only because you helped make it so. Here’s the new interface for Lyft and why it’s annoyingly worse than...
  4. YourPrivateDriver

    Yes or No

    Should i take it?
  5. Willjohnsdrive

    Anyone else not getting ping?

    For some reason, every so often my app will go silent, and not ping when a get a ride request. This morning I had a 90% acceptance rate, but by missing pings, at the end of 8 hours my % is 74...… This is bullturds as I apparently missed more than 1 or 2 rides..... Once I realized the issue, I...
  6. CahalM

    No way!!!!! Are you serious???!!!

    The past week doing UE has been quite a bit busier. I haven't worked during this time of year so I don't know if this is common but imI not complaining! Last week I decided to venture into a more affluent part of town and THE TIPS WERE AMAZING!!!! Guess where I've gone every night since...
  7. johnydynamic

    Is TNC driving addictive?

    Is driving Uber/Lyft addictive? I’m a gambler. My game is Video Poker. I’m not a degenerate but I gamble more often than I should. I find that driving Uber seems to hit the same part of my brain that gambling does. Between my day job and driving Uber on weekends, I haven’t had a day off in...
  8. KingEsmo

    Ever got that ping?

    a ping during a drop off for a new pick up.
  9. Aar9704

    Too much drivers in Pensacola ??

    im not sure if it’s the summer or if we are having too much drivers but I haven’t been getting much pings lately. I’m in the 9 mile area and used to get pings all the time. My rating is a 4.95 with 100% confirmation rate but nothing just sitting online for hours. Yesterday (sunday) I got 1 ride...
  10. JFrancis

    Silent pings, anyone else? (Lyft)

    Looking for ideas. For a couple days all requests are coming with no audible ping. Maybe a very quiet one, will explain... I checked all sound and notification settings I can think of (Android phone). All are on or turned up. Support said to run the Ride Walk Through and what happens there...
  11. Androidcoder

    McDonald's blind ping avoidance: turn off availability vs risk having to cancel pickup

    Since McDonald's got in the act I've often had to turn off my availability before completing a run to avoid 'blind' pings, those that don't show the pickup location and say '1 minute away' (actually the time to the current drop). I expect I'm missing some pickup requests I would have wanted, but...
  12. UberAnt39

    Stupidly long pings.

    Uber must know full well that no-one except the blindest ant will take these, so I wonder if they’re used, 20s at a time, to keep pax watching the “finding your car” screen, instead of firing up the Lyft app. If that was the case it’s definitely better to press No Thanks than let it time out.
  13. asterix

    Ridiculous wait times

    Been waiting for a ping for over 3 and a half hours in dowtown Harrisburg PA. When I check the passenger apps I see cars moving around & going offline. I presume this is because they are getting pings. What’s going on? I have tried logging out and logging back in several times already.
  14. CatchNRelease

    How is this Saturday going?

    After the early surge that is! December 16th?
  15. UberPotomac

    What would you do?

    Inside of boost area at x1.6. Second trip on consecutive trip bonuses. Get ping outside the boost 12 area min away. If I don’t take it , loose 6 dollars for consecutive trip boost.Also no boost.What would you do?
  16. Nightrider_73

    Request timeout errors

    Anyone else getting the dreaded “There was an error and the request timed out” message? Has happened on my last 2 pings in a row.
  17. S

    Airport Queue

    I decides to finally try the airport and see what comes out of it..had never even thought about it but the curiosity got the best out of me.. when you get checked into the queue (in this case Select only) obviously there are other cars camping out in select mode only...some or most are regulars...
  18. Maven

    Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Vermont Pickups

    Anybody based in Buffalo or Upstate-NY driving in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Vermont have you gotten any pings (requests) from outside Upstate-NY? If so, what state and town/city? With Uber, Lyft, or both? Dropoff point does not matter. However, being online without getting a ping does not...
  19. Maven

    Able to Pickup in Vermont or Massachusetts?

    Any Albany or Upstate-NY driver who has been in either Vermont or Massachusetts get a ping there? If so, which town was the pickup point? Which state and town? Uber, Lyft, or both? It does not count if you are online, but do not get a ping/request from another state. :( To pickup in...
  20. YorkUDriver

    No pings with new Destination Feature?

    Hey all, Wondering if anyone else is getting like no pings with the new destination feature. I drive on a very part-time basis, and like to turn on the destination feature on my way home from work. Lately I've been going the whole way from North York where I work, all the way to lakeshore with...