1. New2This

    PIN Pickups at BWI

    Just got this email. They're instituting a PIN system at BWI. Based on how the PIN system is going at LAX this could turn into a shitshow. Interesting that it's only 8-5. Maybe they know when it gets busy it'll be a [email protected]@@@.
  2. ZenUber

    Airport pickup Pin

    I get a ping from the airport. Don't know how, I wasn't in the que, I was 15 min away, but things were slow so I took it. When I zoom in on the pin, it's in the departures area. I thought that was odd, and just then I get a text that say's "we are in the drop off area". So I figure that confirms...
  3. TriadUberGoober

    PIN Requirement For Web Login

    Every time I log into the website Lyft sends a PIN to my phone that's required to log in and use the website. Is there any way around this? It's quite annoying.
  4. UberAnt39

    Lyft Ad

    Anyone see that ridiculous ad they're running (on NBCSN), presumably aimed at Uber, about safety. Could they be any more out of touch? Could they maybe spend that money paying the drivers more or how about updating their antiquated app? Give them credit though, at least their pickup PIN location...
  5. duanedesign

    Pax drop wrong airport pon

    Almost half my airport rides have the pin dropped on the north side of the airport. Is there anyway to change the destination in the driver's app?
  6. C

    What do you do if PAX entered wrong address for pickup?

    She put the wrong pin for puckup. This is my second day driving for Lyft and I wasn't sure how to get to where she actually was. I called her and I asked her just to cancel it and order a new one with her correct address. I don't know if this was the right thing to do. Should I have gotten her...