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  1. pandabear2016

    Cameras while driving passengers around

    I wanted to bring up the issue of cameras. I know a lot of customers are doing site seeing and vacationing to different areas. They get into the car and start either with the video camera or direct pictures. They will stand up in their seats, capture their friend's picture, vice versa, and even...
  2. jmc55

    Anyone else use this picture taking app....?

    I'm new to this site and to Uber in general but a friend told me about a photo taking app called Trupic. I've used it a few times now and made about $9 for each "project". The basic idea seems to be that some businesses want pictures of their properties. I did a couple projects for Wendy's...
  3. Dodge Uber

    Anti-Uber stickers getting popular in taxis

    I guess they really due hate us, I have a few others on my dash cam I've caught too. Also had a taxi slow and tell me to "go @@@@ myself" while I was at the airport this evening
  4. chi1cabby

    #UberHOOPTIE | Poll & Pictures

    Chicago 09/05/15