1. Rickos69

    Restaurant Reviews

    Christmas evening, at a restaurant called Asian Tokyo in Rolling Meadows, Il. Quest and boost had just started. I walk in, identify myself, and I watched as she printed out one of the 2 orders I was there to pick up. It will be a couple minutes. 5 minutes later, it will be a couple minutes. 5...
  2. MountainFairy

    First designated Uber & Lyft pickup spots in Morrison

    Hey friends! I just wanted to share something that I discovered yesterday that blew me away. My rider was headed to the Kygo concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheater yesterday and she added a pickup in Morrison on our way. I pulled over at Red Rocks Beer Garden on the corner of Stone St. and Mount...
  3. TerryMurphy000

    Airport pick up restrictions for Lyft

    Can anyone explain why Lyft will not allow instant airport pickups at SeaTac if your car is < 40 MPG? Their explanation makes no sense. If you can drive to the airport for a drop off, then why is picking someone up there any different, environmentally, then driving away empty. Uber seems to...
  4. W


    Can you set in the app if you'd rather do food deliveries instead of people pickups?
  5. bulli-2516

    I Wish Uber would fix the rider pickup problems!!

    I have constantly complained about Riders who use the PIN to point to their pickup location & NOT checking. So much time is wasted trying to find the rider, being sent to the wrong address or even the wrong street in some cases. Why should they not be made to enter an actual pickup address or...
  6. Maven

    Westchester Same as NYC Rates

    OBSOLETE Thread as of June 29 2017. See revised rates https://uberpeople.net/threads/lower-rates-for-nyc-suburbs.179087/ ____ Mirroring Uber, Lyft is also coming to Westchester County, but will not initially be active in Rockland County or the rest of Upstate NY. Lyft is transparent and upfront...
  7. F

    Careful with Lyft Scheduled Pick -Ups

    I attempted my first ever scheduled picked up today! It was going to be a 30 mile trip to lax during the night hours so that means no traffic. woohoo! It seems like an awesome trip. Anyways, I went online as scheduled when I got the text messaged and I accepted the ride. However, once I was...
  8. Nootherchoice

    Eagle Street Parking Taxi's blocking

    I am the only one or have other drivers noticed that the taxi's are now parking in the "loading zones" along eagle street in the CBD. I notice they are also parking in the pick up point/driveway outside riparian plaza. I get the feeling that this is a deliberate ploy by them to take away our...
  9. I

    Busch Stadium pickups

    Is there any particular place we should be picking up and dropping off at Busch on game day?
  10. Maven

    Requests for Another Person

    It happens frequently to me and I find it especially annoying. There is no way to directly contact the actually rider since all calls and texts go to the person requesting, not the actual rider. Being a "nice guy", if I'm having trouble finding the rider at pickup and I can reach the requester...
  11. Che97

    Airport Pickups - How long is worth waiting?

    I do not pick up from the airport ever. It is my least favourite place to drop off because I know that there is usually a minimum 15 minute wait between jobs when it would otherwise be a stacked trip. So my question to the other drivers out there is: How long are you waiting in airport queues...
  12. Uber_duber

    passenger pin drops and pick ups

    So often the passenger isn't where the pin is. What does it look like on their app? Does the pin drop where they are and not where we are? Does it say the address on their app like it does on ours? What's going on here? I like to think they're just stupid but maybe there's something more.
  13. Driverx19

    What's the strangest pickup you've ever had?

    I'm sure we all get strange pickups from time to time. Had a weird one last night. Last fare of the night I get a ping in Tinley Park about 8:00, Quality Inn Suites, Pax gets in the car but no destination is listed so I asked where to, He says he's figuring out a destination and asked if I could...
  14. UbeRay

    Airport Pickups

    I have asked Uber in Perth to see if there is some system that can be organised where we can park in one of the nearest freight companies to form our own queue to pick up rides from the Qantas Domestic side and the International side. The Terminal 2 area does not appear to be a problem as you...
  15. Delilah

    Gillette Stadium Pickup Area

    Is there a designated pickup area for concerts? I cannot find this information anywhere; the website has a ton of FAQs basically saying unless you pay to park, you can't pick up.
  16. R

    Why isn't Uber keeping us informed about airport pickups

    Why isn't Uber sending out information to us regarding the airport pick ups? Why do we have to learn about this from the news or from passengers? Am I missing something? Is there an email distribution list that I need to be on and if so how do I get signed up for it?
  17. PowerTrip

    Scheduling an Uber ride in advance now possible with Rezzi

    Scheduling an Uber ride in advance now possible with Rezzi Rezzi allows Uber riders to schedule pickups in advance and request specific drivers. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS FILE By Christopher Spata | TBO.com Published: October 29, 2015 | Updated: October 29, 2015 at 06:33 PM There’s a new way...