pickup location

  1. Halfmybrain

    Lake Shore Drive Trail = a thing?

    Can we pick up on LSD north of Field after Northerly Island concerts? I've picked up post Peter Frampton/Steve Miller Band at Field, but last night (McFetridge Drive was cram-packed) got surge-pinged for Lake Shore Drive Trail, destination on LSD, lakeside, just south of Balbo. Other drivers...
  2. bulli-2516

    I Wish Uber would fix the rider pickup problems!!

    I have constantly complained about Riders who use the PIN to point to their pickup location & NOT checking. So much time is wasted trying to find the rider, being sent to the wrong address or even the wrong street in some cases. Why should they not be made to enter an actual pickup address or...
  3. Arkaxow

    What is the law on where I can pickup?

    I just signed up with Lyft, but have been a Uber driver for more than a month. The mentor said that there was some law where if I live in New Jersey I can pickup drivers only in New Jersey and can dropped them off anywhere. However she said that I cannot pickup drivers outside my home state of...
  4. TriadUberGoober

    Erroneous Pin Locations & Addresses!

    What is it with Uber? I regularly am sent pick up locations where the pin is nowhere near the correct location. It might be several blocks or more away. Two nights ago I was sent to a street address that was wrong and it took about six minutes to get to the actual location, which was very close...