pickup areas to avoid.

  1. kensteriraq

    IAD - rental car pickups

    Uber needs to stop giving IAD rides from Avis Rental car to drivers in the airport que. I just waited an hour and got a ping for a rental car. I've done them in the past and get a $5 ride.
  2. Edman

    How do you deal with Airport Pickup Request in RAA?

    How do you deal with pickup request below: Pool request with 4.64 or rated pax at the airport? X request from 4.64 riders at the airport? What about nearby pickups and not airport pickups when your waiting at RAA? How many request can you deny or reject before you are kicked out of the...
  3. A

    Places to avoid pickup in evening hours??

    I drive a XL and only do XL only rides. I do that because i dont want to wear my car for $1/2 dollar. I did X few times and some pockup spots where awfull. These ppl had no shirts and along the way they wanted to pick some more pax. And they looked suscpicious . And recently i got a request...