pickup address

  1. Halfmybrain

    My "no-show" driver

    I hailed an Uber X Monday morning. Thinking as a driver, I found an empty/legal pullover spot at a Franklin St address, just north of Washington St. Text from Me: I'm on Franklin by the series of purple awnings (for Cosi Restaurant) [pauses in between texts] White RAV 4 Driver: I have...
  2. eeg0031

    Incorrect pickup locations

    This has happened to me the past two weekends. I get a request, accept, and head to the pickup address. Get there and wait while the timer counts down. After a few minutes, I get a call from the passenger, asking where I am. I state I'm at such and such address, and it's way off from their...
  3. Berbero

    Uber IS NOT educating riders. Lies lies

    Each time I pick up someone from an illegal pick-up area, especially in the CBD, I try to educate them about the illegal spots where they shouldn't stand when requesting a ride. Every one of them said that they didn't know about that and they thanked me for letting them know. Uber is lying to...
  4. D

    No pickup address with line?

    So I just turned on app for the first time in months, first ping is a line ride. Didn't accept of course. However it didn't tell me what t event pickup address was, just that she was 5 min away. Is that how it is now, what about regular rides? Does it show pick up address before you accept...